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Hyper-Spatial Being/Elves

Hyper-Spatial Being: The sentient inhabitants of Hyperspace which vary immensely in traits including: form, knowledge, honesty, intelligence, helpfulness, mischievousness, and regard for the tourist.

Lets use this thread for deciding what to call the beings/elves from Hyperspace.
while the term is ok..i was thinking it would be cool if we came up with a new name that was more fitting for them..not elves..or aliens..or machines..but maybe a combo of all..

maybe... maalielves:wink:
I like to call them mirrors. Anything that is anything with presence in the realm, I call a mirror.

Not very exclusive I know, but that's how I think of them.
polytrip said:
I would just stick to entity's. It's a vague enough term to cover about anything that might appear.

I second this one. In the end it's how you write it down in your report. I still see people more inclined to use the word 'Entity' than 'Hyper-Spatial Being'.
Another vote for entities! It's short and already commonly used. Hyper-Spatial Being is a bit of a mouthful.

I definitely don't like elves as a term as I rarely meet them! Beings I meet are far too abstract to be described as elves most of the time.
While probably not very popular, I have used the term "point-projection puppet" to differentiate entities seemingly that were fractal representations of a much larger hyperdimensional organism that appears to "cause" these "puppets" as visual language to communicate ideas. I have kicked the term "hyperdaemion" about as one word for this larger, more enfolded entity. At least that is what I think that I thought at the time....
obliguhl said:
Entity. But why not specify typical appearances....

the praying mantis, the machine elf etc.

Indeed. Lets describe the subclasses of entities.

So here is the list:
* The Praying Mantis
* Machine elves
* Cartoons
* Grays
* ???

Other subclasses?
jamesodeaththe2nd said:
swim recently saw a dragon like beast.

Was it friendly or hostile? What kind of vibe did it have?

I became a dragon when I was singing once...I'll never forget the feeling.

I've seen all sorts of Earth creatures. Too many to list.
Then there's the forest spirits who can actually open up eyes to observe ... very interesting.

Oh and how about the plant teacher entities? Like Syrian Rue, for example. I've never really Seen them, but I've definitely heard them! The spice really allows these personalities to come alive.
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