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Hyper-Spatial Being/Elves

rawmo said:
there are [from my experience etc] different 'classes'
individual entities and 'hive' or 'homogenous' entities [i.e where while they appear in some sense as individuals they are also interconnected or 'linked' into a continuous connection with the others].

I like to call the linked entities, "interconnecting peoploids".:)

Here are some trip descriptions from the book, "Mescal", published by Heinrich Kluver in 1928:
1. "A small wooden face appears, it has the form of a small apple, then there comes a small yellow face; suddenly there are three, four faces in one row; above it new rows appear."
2. "There are animals in frantic motion, I see a crow and a black cat racing on, and behind them, five, six animals of the same kind."
3. "Suddenly a little man is standing there, changing continually in appearance, sometimes he has a beard, sometimes not, the covering of his head is also changing...now the little men increase again in number until there is a whole line of them...one of them twirls his moustache, and all at once all of them twirl their moustaches with a tremendous speed."
I like entities too but what about Mentities. They are projections of our mind in some respect.
What about Psychedeities or Entheogent's(for the gentlemanly ones).
Sometimes I refer to them as Architects too. They do seem to be doing a lot of creating and destroying.

I love port man teua's.
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