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I believe an introduction is in order…Im New & Need Help!

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Hey y'all hows it going?! I have been a long time browser of the nexus but I am fresh to the group with this being my first post.

Just moved back to the bay area after finishing up art school and have had some time to kill while trying to find "a real job" so i figured its time to join the nexus and get to know some of you and get to know some better information before i embark on my new years journey.

there is one californian obstacle i need to overcome

Im hoping one or many of you can point me in the right direction.

the time has come!
there is one californian obstacle i need to overcome

In the state bordering yours to the north, the only California obstacle we try to avoid is Californians. :lol:

Although you have some reprieve, being relatively north.

Otherwise, hmm, pollution, overpriced housing, traffic, drought, greedy developers, new ageists, corporate weed? There's a plethora of californibles that cause me to avoid anything below the bay but what exactly are you referring to?

Oh and welcome to the university!
My first thought was "California naphtha ban." I am surprised by the other options put forward by fellow members.

Bolboy, would you please be more specific in your requests for help - and in postings in general of course.

To the point, if your problem is in fact the naphtha, please look into extractions employing limonene as a nonpolar solvent. IIRC there is plenty of citrus in california.
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