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I finally introduce myself

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Hello, everyone.

I've been lurking for quite a while, but as with the substance itself, it has taken me considerable mental effort to actually take the plunge and show myself.

I tend to write a lot, and i feel like i should do so right now, so bear with me if you will. I feel as i may be writing more than what it is intended for an introductory essay, but it seems that sharing one's mind is more appreciated than just a few formal lines that essentially say 'hello', so i'll be writing what my mind and heart want to pour out in this topic. If anything else fails, blame the small dmt experience i just lived for my ramblings, although it's probably just what i'd want to do and kind of refuse accepting.

More than a label saying full membership, i value any form of human contact more right now, since it's kind of what i feel people embarking in such an absurd journey need the most.

My experiences with the molecule so far have been under the breakthrough range, but i've learned, so far, that what i may need and/or seek doesn't lie within a particular dosage or experience. In fact, i've come to fear this compound (or rather, respect the compound and fear my own mind) for a plethora of reasons i feel are to be discussed in a more appropriate section. I'll get to discussing them if you guys are interested, especially because i feel like i may need some serious guidance with this path i'm still uncertain about dedicating myself to, with the level of seriousness i am certain it deserves.

Aside from working with entheogens and substances to improve myself and, (admittedly with a little bit of shame) see and feel what my mind cannot create in normal conditions, i have a lot of other interests i'd love to talk about given the chance, even though i do not indulge in them as much as i'd like, and as such i am no means an expert or deeply informed in anything i might do.

You may already see why psychedelics have always been of so much interest for me, especially as of late. Living in the real world is hard, especially when you want to do so much but can materialize so little, and your enthusiasm and good will is kind of lost to your own sloth and lack of determination or decision, and you have no idea why it doesn't just stop. I guess someone may relate to this, as it seems rather common in the kind of world we live in.
My limited experiences with what i've taken so far (really, not much at all) have been helpful, but i'm still missing something that a bizzare sixth sense keeps telling me DMT can give hints as to what it is and how to integrate it into, hopefully, the rest of my life.
These are all things i'd like to expand upon with discussion with the rest of the forum.

I also hope to keep growing in the following years with your company, possibly enough as to contribute something myself to this community i never even knew could exist in the terms it does.

I.. think i'd like to say more, but i wouldn't know where to begin with and i fear of having already gone off-topic, and at this point i may provide more relevant information when questioned, so maybe this can be a starting point for a larger discourse with you guys?

Regardless, it's been a pleasure just reading this forum so far, and i am rather enthusiast of actively participating here from now on.
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