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In honor of Spring + the new moon (S.H.E.)


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Saturday, March 13 2010 is the next scheduled synchronized hyperspace event. (By order of the grand golden cathedral thing)

Now, I know what you're thinking:

"Hyperspace is eternal, it's always a synchronized hyperspace event!"

I know, but still :twisted:
Spring will be here soon, and the new moon will be waning into a perfect shadow just a day or two after.
A time for new beginnings!

Let us discuss a time, or a wave-like rolling of time over the earth day
where everyone can dissolve their silly little star-shaped space ships into the flow.


Click here to officially sign up!: http://entheogenic-portal.com/

After the S.H.E. and the reports are in, they will be unveiled for all to see!
۩ ,

Thanks for this. I am too much of a coward to face a breakthrough dose, but who knows what might happen between now and mid-March. I would like to participate. I expect to be available on that Saturday between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. PST.

Peace & Love,
Im in bro, sumtime in the evening/night for me on this side of the pond.

Im sure more members this side of the globe will be in on this.

This is a long awaited event.
mmm totally down for new moon...

full moons freak me out though.... some strange stuff happening during full moons, *looks at sky with a raised fist and cries "I'm onto you guys up there!"*
March 13th is also Z-Day, the biggest event of the year for the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project, which have very psychedelic missions.

"There are no coincidences." ~ i forget who said it. but someone did.
Dimitrius said:
Signed up.

What is the 'hyperphrase' for exactly?

I think when the site was first constructed everyone thought they could meet up in hyperspace somehow.
Now that we're all a little seasoned, it doesn't seem to work that way.
We used to be able to choose picture glyphs too...but with no success...

On the flipside,
we're all connected, especially because of the Nexus.
This website and all of our minds create a similar hub in hyperspace,
I can feel a lot of members excitement, but I can't physically see them or their thoughts.
That kind of thing has only happened in deep meditation with tobacco (of all things)
So I am a believer in the possibilities.

IMO, it's good to keep it simple. We represent the nexus, ourselves, and the human race, and have dedicated a day to submit and explore.

Thus, I just wrote "withinity" as my hyperphrase even though the only things I'll be saying are "OMG" and "ILOVEYOU!!!!!!" etc.

These words reflect my soul which leaves a resonance. Ya
UniverseCannon said:
awesome.. first day of break.

I'm in!

Later in the day would be good for me. EST that is

By the looks of it I think we should just dedicate the day to the inner journey, considering how we're all over the globe, and one should only go when they feel ready.
Or the eleventh minute after every hour....?
"By the looks of it I think we should just dedicate the day to the inner journey, considering how we're all over the globe, and one should only go when they feel ready."

Oh i see, good point. No need to rush into it at a set launch mark when for some it wont work out or ones not ready at that particular moment. I like the idea of a day dedicated to collective journeying. In that case I may spend the day with mushrooms and then dissolve further if the time comes : )

Your right Trav, we should post this on some other sites as well so others join!
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