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Is vinegar really needed in the Mimosahuasca brew?

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First time trying to do some brew, gonna use around 20g of Mimosa shredded bark and 0.5g of Syrian Rue 10x extract, which I will parachute to make things easier.

I've read that we should pour some vinegar on it, but what is this for?

Cause Im fine with the bad taste and the purge, actually Im hoping for the purge, so the vinegar would be for another reason?

Im also looking for any tips, as it is the first time that I brew something. Any recomendations will be welcome.

Just a funny thing.. I feel that "Jurema", the entity herself have been trying to comunicate with me, ever since I went to some crazy rave party last year. When I found out that this was actually the name of a plant used to do some Aya analogue, it blew my mind. :lol: I hope that she, which is a presentation of the Mother Nature herself, take me to a ride into her infinite multiverse. :lol:
20 gr mimo ? --> [YOUTUBE]

3 gr mimo to start. That would give 50 - 60 mg dmt if well boiled. You should read something and make study before posting please, seriously, like mimo wood has potentially 2% dmt.

Brewing: read this Ayahuasca Forums - Login but never mind the leaves its just about how to boil wood (aya vine or mimo is same procedure) and read about the vinegar there too.
I will not drink all the brew in one shot.

And I can't access the information in this link you posted, ask me for Login, and the Refistration system seems to be broken, its not sending me confirmation e-mail to activate my account.
You don't have to use vinegar, you can use lime or lemon juice fresh or bottled.

The acidity of vinegar and lemons juice converts the DMT to an acetate form, it is very stable and can be boiled at high temps. And I think I have heard it on here that it helps the DMT migrate out of the bark, that is more likely to be boiling it tho.
ggbdel said:
I will not drink all the brew in one shot.
Then please specify better what your plan is from the start. Communication likes to be clear else it becomes draggy and tiring.

And I can't access the information in this link you posted, ask me for Login, and the Refistration system seems to be broken, its not sending me confirmation e-mail to activate my account.
There is really good info in that aya forum especially for solo/non-group drinkers, try to get a registration nonetheless?
I just weigh out a dose of Mimosa root powder, put the powder in a jar, fill the jar up half way with room temp bottled water and put the lid on the jar, shake periodically throughout the day and let it sit over night. Next day filter the liquid through a coffee filter in a strainer, and let the liquid evaporate in a cake/pie pan in front of a fan which typically takes about a day or two. Afterwards i scrape up the residue, load it up into a few capsules, and take sometime after taking my Rue. Works like a charm. And the good thing about residue, is that there's no boiling, no need for acidity, but the thing that sucks is that it's more of a single dose thing whereas teas can be multiple doses, but if someone tries a multiple dose residue and can evenly divide the doses and things work well, be sure to lmk because that'll help me out a lot.

20 grams of good Mimosa root is just too much, common/average dose of good root is 3 to 5 grams, 8 grams is a bit overkill ime/imo.
As others have said already, 20g is waaaay too much. Unless, of course, you're planning on dividing the doses for future use.

Um, also one thing to consider is that not all rue extracts are created equally so your .5g of 10x extract might be more (or less) than what you think you're getting. It should be fine and should work, just be wary that it might not be exact unless you made the 10x extract yourself.
^Also, I should add that I'm not fully experience with syrian rue since I've only ever used caapi vine for brew. So take that with a grain of salt, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable with rue can help/talk about that more thoroughly. I'm just going off what I remember reading.

As far as advice - taking a deep breath, fully exhaling, and plugging your nose before drinking the brew helps with the taste.

As for trip advice goes - good luck! deep breathing exercises help me a lot, especially during ayahuasca experiences. It should last 6-8 hours, but who's counting? Just enjoy it :)
I used to do what ShamensStamen suggested. Very good recommendations, I also stopped at 7 gr mimo as a limit. Who needs more has lesser good wood or lesser good technique. Only capsules did sometimes the delay game on me, drinking could get them moving better.

For cold water just be sure its not calcium rich water. The wood itself will drop the pH to 5 or so that is good already without vinegar.
Yes do as ShamensStamen says, it's called Vinho da Jurema. Haven't tried the capsule approach yet, nice!
If you do boil MHBR, I wouldn't use acids, makes the taste horrible imho.
Also, boil the Rue separately so you can change DMT/Harmalas dosage as wanted later on.
Safe travels!

Vinho da Jurema

Vinho da Jurema is a cold water extraction (CWE) of Mimosa for oral use. It can be consumed without Harmalas. However, its potency will be greatly reduced so it's recommended to combine it.


- Put some Mimosa in a small jar
- Pour some cold water in it
- Shake it up a few times throughout the day
- Let it settle for a few days in a sealed container
- 3-5 days seems enough for most of the particles to sink to the bottom
- Poor out when the solids sink and it's easy to filter
- Optional: repeat another CWE pull /boil it /extract with DMT tek

You cannot add any acid because it will destroy Yuremamine, so it defeats the purpose of making a cold soak. Once heated, the yuremamine is done for due the heat, and the build-in activation is gone with it. Hence the cold soaks. Tap water can be used, but distilled (or at least filtered) water is better. No hot water, no chlorine, and no acid.


Drink combined with Harmalas eg. Syrian Rue.


MHRB CWE: light 1g, moderate 3g, strong 5g (combined with Harmalas)
Some report dosing 8-12g with Harmalas. Always start low!
Without Harmalas: 10-30g MHRB


Those who have tried both say they prefer CWE over a hot brew: CWE effects feel the most clean - the sense of pure clean spice. Cooking it seems to diminish it's particular magic. Cooked Mimosa also fights the digestive system quite a bit more. If properly decanted, Mimosa isn't much more nauseating than Pharmahuasca. CWE is more sedating than standard Ayahuasca. The extra alkaloids seem to have a pain killing and sedating effect.

When free of solids CWE is said to taste much better than boiled MHRB.
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