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My half pint jars I used for my first extraction more or less failed me. When I poured out the naptha into the filter to get the crystals out, a lot of the crystals were still stuck in the jars under the curves of it.

So my question it, are there any brands of jars that are more or less straight?

Here is a picture of my jars (you can even see some DMT I haven't been able to get out of it): http://planaheist.com/imagehost/?v=dsc00481.jpg
Look for wide-mouth canning jars, most grocery stores have them for about the same price as normal-mouth jars. I think there would definitely be less lost this way, no curves toward the top of the jar to catch your stuff.
Go to Target or whatever and check out the kitchen section. They has some small glass ramikins with straight sides that are awesome for freeze precip. You know what else works really good, is this 200cc pyrex measuring thing. it has a little pour indent in the rim, so it's way easy to pour off the naphtha afterwards..or so I'm told.
i used to use pyrex baking pans cover with clingfilmy stuff freeze uncover corner tilt pour... most stays on the bottom recover till roomtemp then uncover till evaped

people slow down lets not overcomplicate things hmm :p
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