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Master of plants´ hyperspace

Migrated topic.
psychosisdoses said:
Master of plants said:
psychosisdoses said:
this thread oozes with psychosis... i like it :)
frizzle fry 😉

glad u like it

yes i like it... the insanity in your posts is very amusing to me.. i like contemplating about why you say the things you say.. have you just fried your brain from too many drugs? does it sound normal to you? i wonder many things..

psychosisdoses said:

now you KNOW that dude dropped some acid... [/quote]
Yeah but on those stilts he couldn't pick it up!😉

This and all other non informational MoP threads I can find are being moved to the Humor section.

oh, and that picture is priceless.
Hahahaaa he wass funny sometimes, shame he couldn't've contained himself in the humour section!
(Until ready to start healing / start rolling slightly smaller spl1ffs, delete as appropriate)
I bet that really is him. I'm just glad to finally know it wasn't DMT that made him that way! (seriously)
Is this guy for real? I have no intention to create any more hate against the so-called master, as he does that job wonderfully himself, I am just wondering if he really is for real or just a troll.
Well, since we don't have a new member around here making all sorts of "Master of Plants" like post, I'm assuming that MoP took himself seriously and was not a troll.
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