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im ralph. but i tend to be called turquoise raven.

im 20, and live in New engalnd, Usa. i have been cultivating mushrooms for personal use for 1 year now, and this is my next step in my journey of psychs.

im a college student, who works full time as a chef i love my job however i cant stand the dope and crack that gets passed around the kitchen. everyone is so much older than i am, but i fit in perfectly. (its family owned)

i grew up with a single father. hes an aawesome guy, and we had our troubles when i was growing up because he was my nnbbvest friend and iw as always with him since my sister and i had no mom. then he got married at 12 and we started moving apart because he found a new bestfriend, it got so bad, so much so i moved to Tennessee to live with my sexzually abusive and drug addicted mother, then sent to utah where he put me in a therapeutic native culture studdying camp where i was awarded the name turquoiseraven with a pouwakwah, and a whole ceremony. my ggreatest achievement phhysiuically is leading a hike in the dessert that was 26.3 miles IN 24 HOURS! (.1 farther than a marathon) either way, my dad and i are sorting out our differences and coming back tooeggtehr as bestfriends. and im really happy. hes super successful, and he knows the people who can get me in that tax bracket if you know what im sayin.

i have 2 sisters. one brother. 2 step brothers.
my fatehr has 81 first cousins. its a large family.

i am an artist, i have sold many drawings for tattoos and paintings held on walls. ive also done 3 murals in which i was either paid for (1) or compensated in some other form (2).

i graduayttyed high school with a 3.7092, and in college i failed. i live by myself with my girlfriend, we rent an apartment, shes amazing.
Welcome to the Nexus, Ralph!

It is good to hear that you and your dad are working it out, not everyone gets that chance. I also recently repaired a broken relationship with my dad. Saw him for the first time in seven years about two months ago. It was something that needed done much sooner, but hey, that's life sometimes.

Feel free to share any art if you feel so inclined, there are many enthusiasts here. Be sure to check out the music/art/literature section too. There is even a gallery section ( "art" tab at the top of the page) on the Nexus where some people's work is on display.

Anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for here. Have a good one!

-The Grateful One-
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