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my rant against society

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Earth Child
Does anyone think like this?

LETS go live in the mountains and revert back to how it should be, back to the stone age. Someday I will leave my humanity behind, and become a beast, living only to SURVIVE, that will be my purpose; every day filled with struggle, but it would mean so much more.

I cant accept this anymore, the whole human race is a nuisance, including myself. Where is ARMAGEDDON when you need it?

Perhaps in our lives of excess, we have forgotten what it meens to truly be alive.

I know I did for a while....

It sucks to always be searching for the answer to life, and then, to find out the truth: There is no fucking answer, there is no god, there is no higher power, there is no such thing as fate or luck, in the end we are just another living organism, yet we are the only creatures to go against our instincts, the only ones to destroy our own planet and habitat.

humanity is a mistake.
yeah I think about it all the time..probabily too much!

I used to wonder about the meaning of it all..what is the meaning of life? I think the only answer is implied in the question..to create meaning.

I am not sure about us going against our instincts...I think that technology and mechanics are a part of us..we do these things becasue it's written inside of each one of us..we are tool makers. It is our birth right. Technology isnt bad..it's jsut that we use it against each other and the planet.
how can humanity be a mistake when we come from nature...are you saying natural law is a mistake...that cant be...how can it?

yes changes must be made...but i have FAITH that we will survive...at least a few of us
I am not saying natural law is a mistake, because NATURE came before humans, humans were not the first organism that formed on earth, we simply evolved from other organisms. Something went wrong along the way of evolution, that made humans act and think so differently from other creatures.
But we ARE nature..never forget that..you are the eyes of the world my friend..

The world needs you just as much as you need it..otherwise you wouldnt be here. I dont believe in mistakes.
you have a valid argument my friend, but then again, if all the humans vanished from suddenly vanished from earth, the world WOULD be better off. you could argue that nuclear plants and such that need humans to care to them or they would leak radiation, would destroy the natural world, but the planet earth is able to heal itself, and creatures would adapt to the situations and be fine.
^ yes..yet we ARE still here. I just dont believe in anything outside what IS anymore. We dont know the who, wht, why, how etc behind the great design that is everything..so why question it's valdity?

I am not saying dont ask questions..but I think there IS a plan..I believe in god, very strongly. But I dont think it's a "he" or anything like what we can imagine other than it is EVERYTHING..so in that sense NOTHING is out of place. We are gods eyes and ears, the hand of god moves through us and everything else in this dimension and all the others..

I understand how you feel, becasue I often get angry and say the same things..but at the end of the day I just dont believe it. Reason, mistakes, coincidence..these are all human concepts..humans need a reason for this, a reason for that..they seperate everything through lableing this a mistake, that a conincidence..and those things serve us well on our limited level..but untimitaly they are nothing but grand cop-outs.

Sure if we were gone everything would overgrow..and if it happens than so be it..if it's written it's written.

but what of the machine? Surely it has it's place as well alongside everything else..becasue it's here. It come here from somwhere and it wasnt just from us..all we did was assemble the parts. The thing in itself is timeless..just like everything else..just another piece of the puzzle..
ye I think about this stuf all the time, too much maybe, but I have come to realise that only I can make a change for what I believe will happen.

We all have the power to make a change, if we know what needs changing. I think alot of society is becoming alitle too obsessed with nature, dont get me wrong here, I do believe we all need to be alittle more aware of how we treat mother earth, but we are also forgetting that society is demanding alot from her.

Alot of people are so infused with shit from the media, all they care about are immetirial shit. As Jorkest said,you gotta have faith in that something good will come out of human progression.
" There is no fucking answer, there is no god, there is no higher power, there is no such thing as fate or luck, in the end we are just another living organism"

No one can prove this YET but if so sounds good to me!:lol:

This would mean that every living thing from microscopic to the Largest all share equal status.

I have no problem with this theory and am glad I did not waste my time in church today:lol:

All living things are all KINGS OF THE WORLD!

Listen to Carl explain it it does not sound so bad eh?

I think there is a huge misunderstanding of what origional animistic cultures referred to as "god"...just becasue everything shares equal value doesnt mean that speaks to the possability of one giant unity conciousness at all..

I dunno but it just doesnt make any sense to me at all that things dont manifest at differnt levels..everything seems to be like that..and if you stand back far enough you would see not the levels..but the building itself, the structure in it's entirety..to me thats god.

Now from out point of view I dont think we can see the whole thing..it's just not possible..we can't manifest in that many levels all at once enought to break free from the self in it's entirety and look back at it..becasue we are only a PART of it..the worly us that is..and how can a self look at it self anyway..all they see is a reflection of the thing..but not the actaul THING..so all it has is an approximation..and on it goes.
۩ said:
There are most certainly "higher powers"


/me giggles[/quote

maybe You Me ALL OF US

Until we understand conciseness ie is the Brain its self Conciseness we are dont have a clue what is realy going on with our existence.

The skeptic that I am I am unable to explain even in theory the trans personnel aspects of Human conciseness. Cosmic Conciseness or the universal mind. the I am god thing, I have experienced this hundreds of times. It feels VERY real but this does not make it true in my mind nor does it prove anything. The scientific method proves things to me and is the recognized standard for the some of the best and sharpest minds us humanns have to offer.

We have to use our best tools we have to find the truth about these things. We need tools of logic and measurement to explain these things and that is why we must use the scientific method.

Where the hell is Burnt anyway...........when you need him ....:lol:

It is easy for me to believe in nothing makes perfect sense to me. Since I do not even under stand the thing that gives me this information my conciseness. How could it be any other way? given the information I have to make a conclusion?

Since when are things I make up in my mind to be taken as true reality?

Ok fractal, you speak of the machine as if it were alive. Machines are MADE from humans. All we did is get elements that were ALREADY THERE and make a device out of them. The machine does not have a place on the planet, it is only here because HUMANS are here, if not, the machine would most likely not exist. I accept the possibility of a higher power, yet my instincts tell me that it does not exist, therefore I do not believe. I trust my instincts more then anything else, even more then what I see with my eyes. They are the one thing I can trust, and they have never failed me. Dont get me wrong, Im no mind reader or future teller, I am merely a human following his instincts.
yes, and just because there are things out there that we cannot explain, does not imply that there is a higher power or god. Its just that the answer is impossible for humans to comprehend.
Thats true, sometimes in my different trips, either on ayuhuasca, or a high dose of LSA, I will be able to find solutions to things not normally found. Yeah and by high dose of LSA I meen 20 seeds, for me that is a 22+ hour trip... so only once in a while haha.
maxzar100 said:
yes, and just because there are things out there that we cannot explain, does not imply that there is a higher power or god. Its just that the answer is impossible for humans to comprehend.

I never said anything about a higher power..and I never associated the word "god" with a higher power..alot of people seem to do that though..that's what i was trying to point out.

Do you not belive in unity? collective conciousness? THAT is my god..but "god" is just a word made up by humans...I just believe in unity..which is love, connection..whatever..all just words.

Move beyond the words and there just is.
hmmm i wasnt talking to you in general I was merely stating a opinion, I know that you are talking about unity and such.
I'm not sure how much I believe in unity... But I am still young.... and have much life to live,
Yes this whole unity thing can be an iffy topic...but we are all connected through the fact that we all ascend out of the giant cosmic soup of the universe..I guess you could say time just before the "big bang"(if it happened) is our closest link to the undeniable reality of "everything being one"...

We may change shape and form, but we are of the same stuff.

About machines..I dont think they are "alive" so to speak..yet. But what is life? If is just bioelectric fields etc contained to a certain vessicle than I believe that in the future we will create "artificial" life..when I really think about it it seems only natural..not really that far fetched.. I mean..according to some scientists organic life wasn't always around either..it evolved from crystals.
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