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New DMT vaporization method - guide with pics (very easy and cheap)

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Hello, everyone. That's my first post here and I'm hoping it will be helpful. I struggled with DMT vaporization for sometime - reading guides and forums and trying a few methods. Finally, I came with a solution that is very effective, easy and cheap. It uses the core concept from The Machine and combines it with the Bulb (Lightbulb) method. I had very intense experience, lost any contact with the physical world and almost brokethrough from one hit with as little as 10-15mg DMT using this method :). The pics are without the DMT. So, here we go:


[b]1.[/b] Smoke bubble vaporizer (homemade Lightbulb vaporizer could work too)

[b]2.[/b] Steel mesh

[b]3.[/b] A pair of regular lighers
[You know how they look like]

[b]HOW TO DO IT:[/b]
[b]1.[/b] Make a small hole in the rubber part of the Bubble vaporizer. Strangly mine didn't have such a hole out of the box. There should be air circulation when you hit it, that's why you need the hole.

[b]2.[/b] Cut a peace of the mesh:
- small enough to go through the opening of the Bubble vaporizer
- in such form that it could stay stable in one position when put in the (bubble) bulb
- dense enough, so that the DMT won't just fall through it
- burn the mesh with a lighter. There may be some unwanted vapers from the mesh itself. You don't want to inhale them.

[b]3.[/b] Put DMT on the mesh. It's better if your mesh is sitting on a slightly folded peace of paper. So in case some minimal amount of DMT gets spilled, you could collect it easily.

[b]4.[/b] Carefully put the mesh with the DMT on top of it in the Bubble vaporizer. I used scissors to grip the mesh. Don't squeeze it much.

[b]5.[/b] Carefully put back the rubber part of the Bubble vaporizer, so that the DMT stays on the mesh. It looks something like this:

[b]HOW TO USE IT:[/b]
[b]1.[/b] Using one of the lighers start to heat the bulb. I'm not sure if the glass could brake from the sudden temperature change, so start by heating it from an inch distance (2.5sm).

[b]2.[/b] Than move the flame closer until it is directly on the glass under the mesh. It should take some time until you see the DMT starting to melt.

[b]3.[/b] At this point you should change the ligher you're using with the second one. Probably the first is already very hot.

[b]4.[/b] Continue heating the bulb with the flame on it under the mesh until you see white vapor starting to emerge.

[b]5.[/b] Now it's time to start inhaling it slowly while you continue heating the bulb for sometime.

[b]6.[/b] In some poing during the slow inhaling you could get the sense you're going to blast-off very soon, so fastly fill your lungs with the rest of the vapor.
[b]7.[/b] You should have a easy and safe place to put the vaporizer in advanced. Put it there and blast off :)

You shold be prepared when you do this. Read around the forum first. In my case I barely could even finish the hit. I had just enough time to put down the vaporizer. At that point I lost any contact with the physical world. That depends on the dose, of course, but anyway be careful and safe! You don't want to burn yourself.

I guess it will work in a similar way if you use homemade Lightbulb vaprizer, but haven't tried it. Keep in mind that it's glass is thiner than the one on the vaporizer I use. Also, I don't know if the hole of the bulb will be wide enough so that you can put the mesh inside the bulb. You can find guides how to make such vaporizer on the net.

I'm open to suggestions and feedback. I hope you like it, bye :)
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