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New S.H.E.: July 11th 14:00 GMT

nice!! SWIM doesnt have to work tomorrow!!! YAY! SWIM may wake up and take some mescaline from achuma..and then dose with some pharma..and then at 10 have a little blast from his jimjam pipe :D
T Minus Twelve Hours

I'm geared up. 1 to 1 Pau D'Arco changa with spice as a kicker....if I dare. Now all I have to do is synchronize with gmt. Clocks are set!
the weather in my part of the world is looking nice today,so i will be venturing out to my local hills
with some friends:d .im very glad to be part of this and also very curious to discover the results.

i wish every1 all the best.

Gung-ho people
Anyone out there? Getting warmed up? I've been up most of the night in anticipation!!! Got a couple hours of sleep, and now I'm starting to settle in and get focused. 8)

Peace, love, and happy travels to you all!
Aargh, no breakthrough here, too much noise around, physical problems and simply not in the right relaxed mood... the day was just too hectic and timing turned out bad for me :(

Hope you all fared better, can't wait to read some reports!
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