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New S.H.E.: July 11th 14:00 GMT

tryptographer said:
Aargh, no breakthrough here, too much noise around, physical problems and simply not in the right relaxed mood... the day was just too hectic and timing turned out bad for me :(

Hope you all fared better, can't wait to read some reports!

Similar situation for me - rushed into it, distractions and noise around, and some heavy emotional blockage holding me back. I did not give myself the usual preperation time and ritual I normally do. Did a bit of personal emotional work but nowhere near breakthrough. Also I think the fact I had a very deep experience 2 days ago may have somehow blocked me this time. Who knows.. I guess sometmes, for whatever reason, the door stays closed.
Edit: I just put my experience on the SHE site. :)

I hope you all had a safe journey. Mine was rough but I made it.

Don't forget to write down your experience report, even when the launch failed! The reports will probably be open for all to view this coming week.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
Didn't even try...
7am in the city, even on a Sat. morning, is just way to noisy & distracting!! With everyone waking up & becoming active & all.
Couldn't get into the right state of mind before taking off...so I didn't.

Just sat, listening to some peaceful music...:evil: interrupted intermittently by the traffic outside:evil:...& cuddled with my new kitty.
My lease on this apt is up in Dec...goodbye...fucking traffic:evil: !!

O man I hate that traffic too! Especially those little boosted scooters with yelling idiots :evil: It's just pure sound poison.

I'll write a report despite the failure, at least I saw some amazing colors and realized again how vast and beyond amazing it is :)
tryptographer said:
O man I hate that traffic too! Especially those little boosted scooters with yelling idiots :evil: It's just pure sound poison.

What gets me is the damn Boom-Cars!!
I just do not get the jerks who ride around in a huge bass box, shaking all the cars & houses around them!?!?!
It doesn't sound good at all (obviously that's subjective...buuuuut), it's just a ton of bass, usually distorted & overdriving the speakers, farting all over & then the rattling of the car's loose screws & bolts....uuuugh...nice.:roll:

It should be illegal, or enforced if it already is!! (god I hate saying that...but it is an invasion of privacy!)
I don't need the bass content from some asshole's crappy music, vibrating my whole house when ever one of these dicks drives by!!
I don't care what time of the day, or night it is!!
It's noise pollution!! And unquestionably rude to say the least!!

I know I sound like a crotchety old fart when I say that, but I actually own a commercial CD mastering studio & I'm in no way apposed to loud music!!
Just jerks who force everyone around them to put up with their particular brand of poorly produced, too-loud garbage!!
I highly doubt anyone driving one of those mud-holes, would appreciate it very much if I walked into his living room, while he was trying to relax & watch TV and started banging marching cymbals in his face!! And kept coming back every 5-10 minutes!!
But, that's how I feel when they drive by, or I'm at a stoplight next to one of those idiots.

"Look at me, Look at me...I can afford to buy a big radio"!!


Jorkest said:
7 minutes...and thanks for reminding SWIM about the palo santo!
Good call on the Palo Santo guys! I went scrambling through my incense stash in the last minutes before launch to see if I had any. I did! It was the perfect scent! Thanks for that! I think it's cool that at least three of us were enjoying the same incense. I will be writing up my report on the SHE site tonight!

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