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No Smell, Quick and Easy, Almost Pure Bufotenine Extraction

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to Dreamwalker, I would expect the furmate salt would react less then freebase, although im not sure.

Has anyone tried substituting furmaric acid with a different acid? I have heard that citric works, but what about salts like acetate?
the thing with acetic acid is it's a gas that is stabilized in water.

Citric acid and fumaric acid I nice convenient powders that are soluble in acetone so they're good to use.

The fumarate is way more stable than the freebase. Bufotenine freebase can go black in a matter of hours. I'd always store as a fumarate.
fractal enchantment said:
pandora, ok..that black crap is normal..happens every time..the tek should mention this IMO and there are some steps here that are less than adequate from what I have experienced.

When you add the fumaric acid to the iso or acetone and that crap drops out, which should be instantly, quickly decant the iso or acetone..that black goo crap should stay stuck in the jar. Then you leave the jar of solvent to sit overnight. It always takes hours for the fumerates to start to xtalize on the jar for me..It NEVER EVER EVER happens right away as some claim.

Just make sure you decant within a minute or so of that crap dropping out..then put the solvent in a fresh jar and wait. Crystals will form. If you dont decant the solvent, you will come back later and see lots of fumerates crystalizing mixed in with that damn goo.

so are you adding the fumaric acid dry, to the solution all at once? or are you adding fasa slowly to the solution and then pooring everything but the black crap out as soon as you see precipitation? Im a little confused here
K, so swim is trying this method out with only 10G seed that came from a reputable vendor (2 seeds eaten with little alcohol produce nausia, 'constiction' and eventually yeild to some euphoria

Anyways, swim is at the last cleanup stage- he was working with about 600mg fumerate salt- added water, sodium carbonate and a carmel goo immediatly precipitated out, swim worked the goo around, scraped it onto the dish, tried to chop it up wet etc to make sure reaqction was complete. There was alot of milky pale yellow water left over that got decanted (and saved)

The goo was then dried in a toaster oven and then disolved in a few mLs of dry acetone. Swim had to work the goo around with a razor to get it all to disolve.

He then started adding naphta dropperwise (not drop wise) and never saw any black stuff drop out of solution, though he eventually started seeing cloudyness and noticed there was some powder that had collected at the bottom of the solvent mixture.

The solvent mixture never really separated, swim didnt agitate it much other than adding full droppers full of naphta... the closest he got to separation was a nondistinct lighter color on top. reminded him kind of like a rootbeer float but the top part was clearish and smelled more of acetone

swim waited a while and siphoned off as much of the top layer as he could with the dropper, though it was difficult to tell where the layers where as there isnt a clear distinction

Anyways, swim set off the clear stuff to evap and noticed that there was some naphta in the evap dish- hes kinda thinking maybe he has aquired some emulsion??? -yeild: 10mg light tan powder. Not very pleased. But pleased to have something to try.

So, swim knows enough to save everything. He still has the solvent mix (some acetone, mostly naphta, with precipitate on bottom of jar as well as some black gook that is now sticking to the jar.

Hes thinking he will simply evap all of the solvent, redisolve with acetone and then add naphta again... this time dropwise and along the side of the jar to ensure as little agitation as possible.

What do people think about the precipitate at the bottom of the solvent mix? Swim was pretty sure he did a good job filtering previously... didnt remember seeing anything before things where added to the solvent mix- hes hoping the precipitate is good stuff but wonders why it didnt stay in the acetone (perhaps swim took too long preparing the naphta and the acetone was evaporating???)

Any help, experience or advice would be appreciated.

thanks in advance
also, when swim dried the freebased goo in the toaster oven, it was set to 175F with the door open. No smoke or anything of that nature happened
Btw, swim smoked the 10mg .. not knowing what to expect, other than a mild, subthreshhold experience and was very pleasantly suprised!

Zero nausia. Constriction only lasted a couple minutes. Layed down in a dark room listened to some shpongle. Nice some synethsasia.. not as brightand brilliant as dmt, but the body buzz was fantastic, reminded swim of a super pleasant k hole body feel as his body morphed into the bed which morphed into the visual trip. Had a feeling of a sensed presence... at one point was being drawn down a long tube. Very weird. Clean headspace- was able to snap out of it, get up and talk, then go back into the dark room, lay down and go back into the trip

LOVE this molecule.
33 mg bufotenine fumarate.
From 9 grams of year old seeds.


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I am using IPA 91%, and when I let it sit to soak up the alks and settle debris, it turns dark brown, not yellow. I assume this is the good stuff, or is it waste?
A couple of questions for those well-versed in this tek:

1.Is there any harm in adding more sodium carbonate to the ground-up seeds than the tek suggests?

2.Would calcium hydroxide do the job as well (or better/worse) than sodium carbonate?

Has anybody known of someone successfully seperating out 5MEO-DMT and/or DMT from the final product of this tek?
This tek does not work past the fumate stage. I get too many pm's about this whole bufotneine thing and constantly have to tell people that this tek never worked me for me..just in case people read this and want to message me about it..you can read this here. It never worked.
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