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Numb Lips and Tongue

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I just finished my first extraction and when I took my first hit, my lips and tongue went numb, but returned to normal after 5 minutes. Is that normal? Also, my spice is yellow and I vaporized it out of a glass bulb vaporizer if that is relevant. I extracted with cyb's salt tek from acacia confusia, and after I pulled it out of the freezer I let it dry till it smelled like new sneakers. It didn't burn my lungs or taste bad but I wasn't expecting the numbness.

Ps. I was just testing it to make sure that I extracted it right, so i only dosed with 5mg. Didn't get any visuals but I heard the sine wave for a minute.
As far as being yellow, this is normal, DMT is polymorphic and has both yellow and translucent pure forms

At times yellow color can be a result of oils, or lipids, or other contaminants, but there is also pure DMT free base which is yellow colored. Translucent crystals can have residual NaOH, solvent residues, etc...which are not visually detectable, so translucent does not necessarily mean pure either.
The above thread explains.

As far as the numbness, I can't say.

I'm sorry, I just noticed you mentioned Acacia Confusa in your OP. You may want to powder it yourself - however, with that being said even the whole form can be adulterated. Whether or not your product was deliberately adulterated, I dunno.
A glass bulb is an inferior vaping device, and it definitely can be for someone new to vaping the molecule.

You burnt the DMT to some degree.

Convection is much more efficient/effective compared to conduction [light bulb,etc] vaping freebase. Look into convection.
I have experienced this phenomena many times when vaporizing DMT. I think it's possible for the lips to topically absorb enough of the DMT to cause numbness if the vapor is passing over them, it goes away soon after the trip ends. It can be avoided by inhaling in a way that the vapor goes directly down your throat without passing over oral mucosa (e.g. I stick vapor bag nozzle into my mouth, bypassing lips).
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