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Phlux-'s Bufo Pictoral

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This is nothing new - just a pictoral of a slightly modified no smell tek - just with pix of the proceedure to make it clearer.
Its missing the last few pix - il put them in next time round - but there may be some more modifications there later.

Anyway so here it is.

10g Cebil Seeds get weighted out


and ground to a powder


3g of sodium carbonate gets added


The powders are mixed and some water is added to make a paste - this is ground up for a while


then dried


acetone is added to the powder and it gets ground up again


The solution gets filtered thru a coffee filter


More acetone is added to the basic seed mix and ground up again, filtered off and repeated until the acetone comes off clear
Note: to test how many pulls were required i took the first 3 pulls and salted them separately - the third pull had hardly anything - it actually looked like the first pull got about 85% of the actives - but do 5 pulls and combine em anyway)


Some Fumaric Acid is mixed into some acetone


This fasa i added to the acetone pulls


Note: the slower u precip xtals the purer they are - if one dumps fumaric acid in there is almost no xtal formations - but loads of precip + some excess fumaric acid - by adding it slowly in acetone one can grow transparent xtals over the course of a few hours.
In the pix a small amount of concentrated fasa was added - a larger amount should have been added but bottle size and lazyness were restrictive.


Once The solution clears the acetone can be poured off carefully - or filtered off if xtals are loose in solution



----Area to be updated, Pix to be added----

The Fumarates are collected - either by scraping em up if you can - or by adding a small amount of water to the bottle to disolve the xtals - this can then be evaporated on a scraping friendly plate.

The collected fumarates are mixed with an equal portion of sodium carbonate and a dash of water - mixed then dried and pulled with acetone and filtered, then evapped to yeild a rock solid lump of darkish bufo - scrape it up when its hot or it will chip and spray bufo dust all over the place.

The bufo is then purified with naptha and acetone 4/1 as explained in the no-smell tek.
lekker china! Wow, Phlux, so simple. Thanks a bunch for this, I have been looking to do this and I will use your tutorial!
Very cool ,Phlux :)

Looks like you had some reasonable seeds there to begin with .
How much was the yield ?

I think SWIM will try Mayas Brazilian Viable Cebil variety.
Thanks for posting this up. Ive looked at the other bufo teks, and i didnt feel them as much because of needing a THP or hotplate.
Many thanks Phlux.
Rgeular Dudess said:
Nice. This tutorial doesn´t look so scary as the other ones without the pictures.

Yes pictures make a huge difference, swim might try this again, hopefully third time lucky! :( Thanks for posting flux
looks beautiful, little brother!! really so wonderful to have such a thorough, easy to follow VISUAL reference for us "chemistry-challenged" individuals. ;)

if you could down the road, would you do a photo walk-thru of the final few steps? it's wasnt' til then that i started running into problems when i did the tek. the "clean-up" steps proved to be the trickiest for me....

I know I already said this to you elsewhere but Damn fine work Phlux-. I am always impressed w/ your pictorials and the results of your work.
has SWIM Bio-assayed any of the yield as of yet? Be interested in some reports on it.
Using dry acetone would greatly increase ones yeilds.

Il get the rest of this up soon soon.
Thaks for this pictorial,
how much fumaric acid is needed for say a 10 grams seeds extraction?
For some reason I can't see the pics, and dear god do I want to.

What plug in am I missing in order to view them, anyone?
Big ups Phlux, Im waiting on my seeds and fumeric and then I will be trying this tek out. Can't wait to explore bufo space!!
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