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Phlux-'s Bufo Pictoral

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So, to clarify, IPA can be used instead of acetone? Also, about how much fumaric should be added, and is this a freeze precip?
Just to ask another question... can anyone give me a quick run down on acetone vs. dry acetone vs. IPA 99% here? Does it matter so much?
ur creating a salt here - salts are soluble in water - any water in ur solvent will reduce yeild.
never tried with ipa - if bufo fumarate is insolube in ipa(never tested it) - i dont see why not
In my tests I have noticed no difference in yield using IPA for the first steps of the process (using 99% IPA).

I haven’t tried working with it beyond the fumarate stage, it would be good to know whether it works in cleanup as well as I have quite a bit of IPA left but very little acetone.
SWIM performed this tek to a tee except for 1 hour bake of seeds at 275 F before grinding. Everything went along fine until last step. Seemingly, no product! :-(

explain more... where were the seeds from? what last step was it that yielded nothing, the fumarate precipitation, the freebase evaporation from the freebased fumarates pull or the evaporation after cleaning with naphtha:acetone mix?
At this point, things seemed to depart from the pictorial. "The bufo is then purified with naptha and acetone 4/1 as explained in the no-smell tek."

Up until then, SWIM's procedure and visible results looked just like the pictures. The seeds came from a reliable source, and are definitely Anadenathera Columbrina. SWIM is bummed!

what happened exactly? you had some darker looking product, yes? and then mixed with the naphtha acetone. Did you mix it well? didnt anything dissolve? was there anything left over? how many naphtha+acetone pulls you made on the impure product?
endlessness said:
what happened exactly? you had some darker looking product, yes? and then mixed with the naphtha acetone. Did you mix it well? didnt anything dissolve? was there anything left over? how many naphtha+acetone pulls you made on the impure product?

Ok...SWIM evidently screwed up the first time and he's back (having followed the tek precisely) to the point where the fumerate precipitate is in his possession. It is a medium chocolate brown, with flecks of crystalline material in it. Just to be safe, he collected all the "spent" acetone into one jar and added another 1/2 gram of fumaric acid to see if any further precipitate would drop out, and it looks like all has been gotten.

SWIM is currently allowing the presumed fumarates to dry completely so they can be weighed and an equal measure of sodium carbonate can be added with the dash of water. Will keep you updated on yield, etcetera. Unfortunately, this is where the pictures end (which are exceedingly helpful) and my lack of confidence begins.

SWIM sure wishes this tek specified how much fumaric acid and how much anhydrous acetone should be added to the combined filtered acetone, or at least an approximate guide. The tek says "some" fumaric acid is added to "some" anhydrous acetone. I'm a total chemical know-nothing, but I can follow directions very well when sufficient guidance is provided.

Anyway, SWIM will go step by step, and if problems or doubt arise, I hope help will materialize.

Best to all,

well for making FASA you really dont have to measure.. just add, say, a teaspoon of fumaric acid to, say, 100ml of acetone, and mix very well.. If there's undissolved fumaric acid on the bottom, it means its saturated, so youre good to go just decant the FASA away from bottom fumaric acid.. If it all dissolved, it means its not saturated, so add more fumaric acid. And as for quantity of adding FASA to the bufo-laden acetone, just add till it stops changing colour. After retrieving the bufo fumarate, you can add some more FASA to the water to see if it clouds up again (meaning theres more bufo fumarates there). Sorry for not being so exact but if you understand the principles there's really no need to be exact.

Btw, remember to mix the bufo fumarate and the sodium carbonate BEFORE adding the water. I once did the mistake of adding the water before it was well mixed and the fumarate+sodium carb formed a taffy/resin-like substance that screwed up my extraction
OK...so SWIM netted 888mg of fumarate and added an identical amount of sodium carbonate, used 2cc's of distilled water, and mixed extremely well. This was thoroughly dried, ground up to a grayish powder with some stickiness in consistency, and is up to the acetone extraction (having understood all the above and observed all the caveats).

SWIM's FOAF settled on 50cc's of volume for his first pull and his acetone looks like dark coffee with a hint of bile added. Mostly black with a suggestion of green. Sound right? How many pulls should be recommend to my FOAF, assuming 50cc's of acetone per pull? Three enough?

Thanks, with apologies for the needy hand-holding questions. SWIM's FOAF hates failure!

OK...SWIM said he evaporated the first pull of acetone and was left with a decent size wad of hard black tar. He scraped it up and is now evaporating the second pull, with a third pull anticipated.

Is the black tar something that SWIM can bioassay without too much nausea, or is further purification a necessity?

Truth is, I never did NOT get nausea from bufo, but I only tried it few times. If you are willing to make some experiment, clean part of it (maybe the naphtha:acetone clean up) and part leave as is, and smoke both and compare.. Dont forget to post back the results :)

Remember bufotenine freebase's boiling point is 320degrees celcius so if you are using the vaporgenie or something you would have to go really strong on the lighter
SWIM can easily get MEK and has heptane on hand. Should he use those solvents for cleanup as opposed to the acetone / naphtha algorithm? Is one to be preferred?

SWIM was planning on using an oil pipe, as with spice.

Check this alkaloid chemical properties thread for solubilities

Personally I never tried this combination of MEK and heptane, but as you can see, a mix of MEK and heptane will dissolve bufotenine. If there's more MEK, it will probably dissolve more impurities, so you gotta experiment a bit to get the bufotenine and not many impurities.

I would love to hear your report back on it ! Good luck :)
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