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Phlux-'s Bufo Pictoral

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Woah, nice to see you over here on the Nexus Nature Boy. Normally only see you over on shroomery. But definitely let us know how that goes.
So everything went according to the pics up until the very last step. After evapping all the naptha SWIM is left with a VERY thin layer of oily gunk that, when scrapped up, is yellow and tastes slightly bitter and probably only weighs about 10mg.

He started with 20 g seeds and tweaked all measurements accordingly. The fumarate precip looked great, the black junk left after freebase/acetone pull was just as described, and all the black crap sunk to the bottom after adding naptha during clean-up, but no crystals after evap., just a little bit of this oil.

Any suggestions?
pehaps the seeds were old and lots was n-oxide- reduce it and score fully yeild - or u cleaned up tooo much - loads is still there - repeat some steps on it.
Well, SWIM started over and it looks a lot better this time. Waiting for the final clean-up to evap, looks much cloudier this time around. Hopefully he'll end up with a clean product.

SWIM understands the shelf life for bufo freebase is very short, like maybe a couple days? Are the fumarates more stable? Could SWIM pull lots of fumarates and then just freebase small amounts when he feels the call?
No luck. After evap SWIM is left with no crystals on the dish, just a uniform foggy white translucent layer. Scrapped it up and it's much like his last attempt, yellowish and not bitter.....WTF?
My experience was similar to rumplestiltskins. Had lots of fumarate and all looked like it was going well but ended up with almost nothing. This was like a year ago. The little bit that I did get was active but I didn't really like the effects. Maybe it was the hint of nausea. Anyway, it sure would help if someone who is successful could post a pic of what one could hope to end up with if everything went well. May have to give it a go again. Has anyone ever tried ingesting the fumarate?
Another failure.

What if Phlux's protocol was taken with six initial anhydrous acetone pulls totaling 200mL of dark yellow acetone. To this, 150mL of FASA was added in splashes over time, resulting in no clouding and a very thin dust like precip on the bottom (which is assumed to be undissolved fumaric).

Perhaps adding fumaric sodium salts, heating and shaking isn't enough to saturate acetone?
very very odd - is that cebil tried and tested ?
my third pull is usually very light - to almost no color - so pull until no more color comes.
fasa always resulted in major and instant clouding - followed by a nice xtal set - so very odd.
Definitely cebil to look at, from a source with no reason to doubt.

A little colour was still coming off at pull six but a clear pull seemed impossible due to the fine particulate matter resulting from the grind.

Yep. No clouds whatsoever. Weird.
I love this... write up with pics, makes it seem less daunting

Im wondering- any tweaks or improvements to this tech anyone has come up with?
other than the final basing/cleanup stage, swim has had no issues- his first go was very low yield.

Swim guesses people may not be letting the ground based seeds dry to completion before pulling with DRY acetone as the most likely reason for low yields with sposedly good seeds.

Swim kept pulling... and pulling... and pulling at first almost amber color to lighter shades of yellow. He wonders if the later pulls are only pulling nasties as a previous poster (maybe phlux) stated 85% of the goodies came in the first pull.

Either way- swim wonders wether or not he should be carrying the brown oily residue along with everything for the final clean up stage as he suspects there may be goodies locked in there.
Success :d

I've read the thread and few steps were altered a bit where people seem to fail when doing this Tek.

Adding Sodium Carbonate to ground seeds - Much more was added than suggested 3g per 10g of seeds. Made a thick paste with the suggested ratio of 3:10, waited until ammonia smell was gone, and then kept adding pinch by pinch until each addition produced more ammonia smell. At least 6 grams of carbonate was added total, could be even 9-10(ie almost 1:1 ratio). Perhaps this has to do with the fact that this Sodium Carbonate was made from Baking Soda rather than a "true" Sodium Carb, its not Granular like in the picture shown but very fine in comparison.

Seeds were pulverized into almost flour like consistency prior. Sodium Carbonate/Cebil mix was dried in the oven, then pulverized into flour again.

Only 2 acetone(non-dry) pulls were made, each at about 6 hours long and stirred many times during the soak. Colour - Dark Orange. More satured acetone was preferred to be safe, even though more pulls could be made.

FASA was made in 12 hours, shaken hard multiple times for maximum saturation.

Adding FASA into Pulls - this was done over a period of 1 hour or longer. Little by little. At approximately half of FASA that was added total in the end, it was noted that no crystals were forming yet, however bottom precipitated quite heavy. The mix was poured into another container. This stickt bottom precipitate was collected for a test - it was black oil/resin substance. Tiny amount was rubbed into inactive herb and smoked out of curiosity - bad idea xD

Now in the new container more FASA was being added into the mix, slowly drop by drop. at about 80% of total FASA that was added, white fluffies started to form on the sides quite rapidly, as well as some more precipitate on the bottom, although little. Remaining 20% was added to be safe. A couple of hours went by and nothing more seemed to crystalize on the side, altho there was quite a thick layer of crystals floating near the bottom too. Tan colour Fumarates came out to 2.2g out of 21g of seeds.

These dry fumarates were pulverized again and mixed with same amount of sodium carb, and water was added - Indeed like magic, a big caramel clump was formed.
hmm... this is great!

Now for purification.

The idea of washing freebase bufotenine dissolved in acetone with naphtha is good, and will work to remove those terrible bufo nasties :x yuck

But for even purer bufotenine, and nicely formed crystals, why not dual solvent re-crystallization?

Now it's a little more complex, but here is the rundown.

Bufotenine freebase is freely soluble in boiling xylene (or d-Limonene) but insoluble in room temperature.
Bufotenine is added to this solvent and then heated until dissolved. This can be filtered in a funnel with filter paper (Pre warm the funnel with a bit of heated solvent, and wash again with heated solvent after filtration to recover any bufotenine)
The solvent can now be returned to room temperature, crystallization will not occur because it is not saturated.

Now we add drop wise solvent #2. We will use a solvent that bufotenine is insoluble in, such as naphtha.
Now add drops of this solvent until it starts to become cloudy.

Now heat these solvents until they become clear, and continue adding drops of solvent #2, you will notice the solution gets cloudy and quickly disappears (dissolves in solvent #1). Continue adding until the solution is JUST saturated.

The solution should still be clear, but if you were to add one more drop, the cloudiness will persist. If this happens, and it probably will, just add one more drop of solvent #1.

Now allow to cool undisturbed to room temperature, then place in the fridge, then freezer, (you want to cool it slowly)

Now once cold, you can filter or pour off the solvent to reveal very pure bufotenine crystals.
(you can wash these crystals with a chilled solution of the same ratio of mixed solvents)

Now I know it looks like all talk, I haven't actually attempted this with bufotenine, but there is no reason this should not work. I've done many dual solvent re-crystallizations and they have always ended up with nice, pure, crystals.

Now storing these crystals is a different story...
Please try it out and let us know. Theory < Practice.

I've tried this tek, worked fine till fumarate precipitation (meaning, dont call success yet if youre just at fumarate stage), but then freebase conversion yielded kind of small amount of dark goo, acetone:naphtha clean up made yield close to 0, a dark tan waxy stuff that tasted like the devil (and only 2 hits from 50g seeds, didnt seem right at all).

Did ANYBODY get clean freebase bufotenine crystals yet? Please pictures and details of process if so.
The caramel goo was further dissolved in acetone, and all excess sodium carb was filtered.

After a bit of evap, when amount of acetone remaining was really low(and dark brown) there were much lighter spheres floating. They could be combined with a needle to form larger spheres, but at some point these spheres would pop and disappear, and reappear as smaller spheres again.

More acetone was added to dissolve these and at approx 15-20ml of brown acetone, naphtha was being added and mixed hard at the same time. There was no magical reaction at 1:4 ratio, but a blob of almost black goo remained on the bottom. A bit more naptha was added perhaps up to 1:6-7 ratio total to see if anything happens but didnt. This slightly yellow naptha/acetone mix was siphoned off evapped straight onto large amount of damiana(prolly over a gram). Didnt bother evapping/measuring since accurate scale wasn't available at the moment(0.1g increments, pretty useless for getting out those 8mg doses)

Tried roughly 1/50 of total amount of herb and got uncomfortable vasoconstriction effects and stoned-like feeling for about half an hour. Ill try to boost it with some n,n and see what happens.

If anyone failed before Id recommend altering steps as I did in a post before, mainly:

closer to 1:1 ratio of sodium carb to seed mix.

pulverizing the dehydrated cake

few long pulls for more saturated acetone(orange or darker). Maximum saturated FASA as well... took at least 5 hours with shaking.

very slow addition of FASA, and decanting the precip midway, before crystals form.
Hmmmmm... Glad to hear I'm not the only one who ran into problems at the fumarate stage. Everything went spot on right up to that point.

I've been wanting to give it a go again.
I'll do it tomorrow.
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