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Positronic Ayahuasca brewing

tregar, thank you for taking the time for this thread.

After, what i thought to be, thoroughly filtering both vine and chakruna after each boil, i was still left with a decent amount of sediment after a couple days refrigeration. Is this unusual? Maybe I wasnt as thorough as i thought i was being??
Yes Jees, quite the perceptual consiousness shift indeed. It's like the consiousness is tuned to a whole nother frequency, which seems to be more real than channel normal from this world. Like the UDV calls it, "Mysterious tea", a link to the Divine. It's as if one has finally arrived home, it seems very familiar.

Aldous Huxley explains it well with the concept of "Mind at Large": Mind at Large - Wikipedia

Catpharm, It's not unusual once the filtered and reduced brew is placed in a fridge to see floaty stringy like material fall out, this is most likely oil like substances from the leaf, I keep it in the brew. Heating the brew back up will cause this stuff to re-absorb back into the hot liquid.

After the brew is filtered then reduced, like to immediately measure it out into some 1/2 pint jars, cool to room temp, then can be frozen if you choose. Prefer caapi extract added to reheated hot leaf brew in dreams, as don't usually have the time to hammer, chop, and boil caapi too.

As far as sediment that falls all the way to the bottom of the jar and sticks to the bottom, then simply decant the brew from the bottom sediment, keeping only the liquid layer above it. Consider the fridge as just another additonal tool to help rid the brew of bottom seeking sediment. I don't see this type of stuff in my brew due to the extensive cotton filtering (use about 16 cotton balls to filter 2 liters of boiled brew), but it can happen...perhaps your extra sediment is coming from the whole processed caapi, hard to say.
Just rest assured that if you have filtered thru cotton balls before all the reduction, then you are good to go, and the brew is as clean as you are gonna get it. I choose not to put it in the fridge and watch to see what falls out after all this...even seeing the plant oils and what not still floating around in the brew tend to make one apprehensive, as I don't want to see what is being drunk, the pre-viewing of mind and stomach connection is not needed, lol. Once put the brew in the fridge to watch what would still fall out, (never again!) and yeah, there will still be some sort of assorted gunk in it, best not to look at it, as when it is dispersed dark brown, it looks more appealing.

Also helps to pinch the nose while drinking the 2 to 3oz in dreams, the smell of the brew is not appealing, reminds one of a frog in a blender or forest rot, and the taste is bad too but tolerable, but at least not being able to smell it helps.
Always remember, that in times of intense struggle, have music playing, it will ground you, it marks the passage of time, it is very comforting. The Icaros are very important to the whole healing process of being. And be present in the moment, it's all you have. Not the past nor future, but now. And always remember to freakin exercise! Stay physically active in the weightroom or aerobics, pick your passion.

Death is hard to deal with, I know. Ayahuasca teaches much about death and dying and being reborn again in the process. You want your consciousness to be reborn, it is necessary. Love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
That is very nice tregar.

A man I know who is well acquainted with traditional style said that the icaro's are the most important overall.

I think of icaro's like the flying carpet you're sitting on.
One better has a good taste in choosing the finer ones because they fly better. ;)
A little while back I decided to smoke some cannabis after a 3 or so year break and after a break like that the first few highs are always pure panic attack, I’m a terrible person because I did this instead of that, just that whole progress report since last checking in. I decided on music and put in an icaro off youtube out of random curiosity and as I came up and drifted back in my head just on cannabis the music opened up so much more than what I heard at baseline. There was this whole pattern and way they were shaking the leaves that it took on just as much complexity as a drummer in a “common” band.

I just latched on and rode the music and all the panic left. It really blew my mind how much complexity was in the arrangement of that icaro and the fact I just never heard one open up before. I bet some incredible icaros have come and gone over time.

Do they write new icaros like songs or do they stick to strick specific songs like karate katas?
Do you guys like to post one or the other Icaro or music video which get you though the chewy bits of your aya walks? Maybe that might be content for a new thread?!

I realy enjoyed this playlist posted on chacruna.net: A Playlist for Psilocybin by Kelan Thomas

I like it because it stays away from the typical psydub and psychedelic cliches and has a broader view!
Listen to progressive house music as my icaro, stuff like what is played on protonradio streaming for free, or I'll pick from the top 10 mixes on the list for the month. Jaytech music typical example. I can then close my eyes and drift off into places that are "way out there". Music marks the passage of time and it will help to ground you when you are on a level that is higher than what you anticipated to be at. Some of the modern progressive mixes have minimal chants and vocals along with the drums that emulate to me what I might here in my mind if I were at my own personal Jungle Temple. Most of what I like has no vocals, but just amazing music quality, but I have to search for days to find the songs I like, and then play those when the time comes. Searching for good music is fun though, cause when you find that rare gem, you are happy.


Swim has dreamed traditional hawaiian psychotria as admixture only, it is phenomenal at just 30 to 35 grams (never exceed that amount!) but it is very hard to find, often it appears for a few months at a time, but one has to wait all year to catch it. 30 to 35g probably contains around 60mg to 70mg admixture, but the reduced hot liquid leaf salt brew form is completely far more powerful and way exceeds in quality compared to any form of admixture xtals (probably due to dynamics of digestion) follow part 2 quotes from Palmer in table of contents on post #1. He is right on the mark, and those few pages from his book are top notch writing.

Hawaiian psychotria seems to be somewhat rare, but when it is around good to stock up. Swim has dreamed hawaiian psychotria over 55 times over the years, is the only admixture had dreamed, if it is not around, then swim doesn't dream Ayahuasca.
Latest Discovery in dreams for a 100% clear of debris/muck brew (totally transparent):

Was dreaming the brown looking brew after cotton filtering over the past few years (past 55+ Aya dreams), then found out you can just stick brew in fridge for a few days and it develops a see thru brew that contains all the actives:

IF you then take your filtered brown looking leaf brew and set it in the fridge for a few days, any and all brown muck that the cotton filtering did not get out will fall to the bottom of the 1/2 pint tall jar by the 3rd day...

...and you will be left with a transparent (see thru) brew with just a twinge of yellow color, decant this from the 1/4 to 1/2" brown muck at the bottom, keep only this top layer....throw the bottom brown muck layer away as the top layer contains all the water soluble salt based actives from the leaf....this see thru brew is highly ornamentally potent and 100% free of mud and debris. Then just add required amount to your caapi.

After brew has sat in fridge for several days: You will be left with 1/2 pint jars with around 6oz in each...with each 1oz = 10g of hawaiian psychotria leaf. 2oz to 3oz is a typical dose (20 to 30g of leaf). 20g of leaf contains around estimated 40g of actives, 30g of leaf contains around estimated 60g of actives.
After brew sits for a few days in fridge, simply decanted the orangish colored transparent liquid from the mud/particles that have settled out at the bottom, and throw the mud away.
left: freshly brewed and filtered thru strainer & cotton balls.

right: after sitting in fridge x 3 days. Keep top transparent orangish liquid, and throw bottom 1/2" layer of mud/particles away.
Don't fall for the Ayahuasca always causes nausea, puking, and sitting on the toilet.

Following this procedure will yield Ayahuasca with zero nausea and a grand 3 hour experience that is out of this world. Using too much leaf (above 35 grams of Hawaiian psychotria is way beyond a plus 5 experience and will cause nausea in the brain (not stomach) just because the actives are way too high, keep on the low to moderate strength side with the leaf (20 to 35g leaf) for a zero nuasea experience. I hate nausea myself, and have never thrown up in over 60 times I have prepared Aya this way in dreams, nor have I had to sit on toilet, get rid of the mud and particles that are nauseating to the intestines with this method outlined, and you are good to go, learned it from Sync and Meteor back in the day. Aya is very trippy, so be prepared.

Mother Ayahuasca has also been shown to grow new neurons in the brain, cure major depression & fight alcoholism and drug abuse of all kinds. The mood lift lasts a couple weeks while it is building up brand new neurons in the brain, good stuff. The first 4 days have a strong mood lift. The closed eye visions are realistic and tell a story, just like entering a University as Shanon used to call it, Antipodes of the Mind is imho the very best book on Ayahuasca, check it out if you get the chance.

I don't think it will ever by popular as most people do not know how to prepare it correctly, get good materials, used inferior materials, how to prevent nausea etc. The Shaman in the Amazon knows his plants well and how to prepare it properly. But they still don't use the fridge to make it 100% free of debris. Like I said, I hate nausea, even the slightest bit of it, so I have come to love Ayahuasca by preparing it with care, love, and free of nauseating particles, would have it no other way.

Ayahuasca reaches levels of powerful beauty & strength quickly and easily just like the movie "Anna", She kicks much ass.
Thanks tregar for your research into this and putting it all together.

Personally I don't do anything special with regard to cooking to make my tea less nauseating. IME the source plant material can make a big difference though. There is nauseating leaf, and there is leaf that's not nauseating at doses that most people would find satisfying, even when filtered very coarsely, i.e. through a cloth.

I do have some nauseating leaf still though, so might give your cotton ball filtering a try. I'm wondering if coffee filters (possibly stacked up) would have the same effect? They would seem more efficient due to the larger surface area through which the liquid can pass.
Good point Jagube, unfortunately not even a drop of the brew makes it thru even a single coffee filer. This is where a cotton ball works like magic.
ava69 said:
Clearlight experiments that involved several people found the leaf brew form superior to extracted actives, they found the leaf brews very strong and powerful & clairavoyant (+5 Shulgin scale), while they mentioned that the extracted actives were mild (+3 Shulgin scale) at best, even up to 100mg. Again, this is poorly understood.

Even Jonathan Ott found that in his 20 experiments posted in his book "Ayahuasca Analogues", that none of his later experiments with extracted actives quite matched the power of his 1st actual Ayahuasca brewed with caapi and good real leaf (experiment #1), he had no explanation for this. He did however find 70mg to be close to it, but still not the same.
This combined with the HPBCD complexation results (which we really ought to replicate and confirm) makes me wonder whether there are saccharides in leaf brews which perform a similar effect to HPBCD. There is still so much scope for really interesting research here - thanks for posting.
downwardsfromzero said:
This combined with the HPBCD complexation results (which we really ought to replicate and confirm) makes me wonder whether there are saccharides in leaf brews which perform a similar effect to HPBCD. There is still so much scope for really interesting research here - thanks for posting.
This is indeed fascinating downwardsfromzero, thanks for that keen observation on the sacchardies, perhaps they do function similar to HPBCD? Note: this procedure will work with any freebase molecule that is poorly water soluble, it does not work with already water soluble compounds or salts. I personally believe the polysaccharides in Hawaiian psychotria are what make the brew so potent, as they enhance the penetration of DMT from the leaf many factors over when the brew is drank orally.

69ron posted 8/12/2009:
People are getting pleasant DMT effects from sublingual Virola calophylla resin. I don't think it has that much DMT in it. So why does the resin work so well when DMT is so hard to use sublingually?
This thread goes into this subject:


2 minute formed HPBCD DMT liquid very bioavailable sublingually under tongue & outperforms DMT salts orally by many factors in personal trials, combo with tetrahydroharmine, Ayahuasca.

Skip to page 20, post #381 for one-shot HPBCD DMT Ayahuasca, masks taste & increases absorption many factors, with 6 pics:
Update 4pm 3/21/2022: I am writing this 1.5 hour later: took the 1-shot HPBCD DMT Ayahuasca (150mg HPBCD DMT, 250mg THH, 170mg harmine all dissolved into 30ml hot water) and it worked incredibly well! Phenomenal strength, for the 1st 10 minutes I held on tight as it felt like I was handling a high speed sports car, ego disintegrating & boundaries shattered.

For the first 10 minutes, open or closed eyes, didn't matter, saw same thing: colored neon geometrics on the surface of everything. Felt whole body high tryptamine frequency combined with the THH frequency vibration = amazing amplified whole body frequency, like being tuned into another spirit manifested alien world. It felt like a colored shining tractor beam was going to surround me and take me away, very 3-dimensional.

It was so powerful for 10 minutes, I had to close my eyes to find a happy place. Felt like the most powerful of my past Hawaiian psychotria experiences (40 grams leaf) with Caapi which I only ventured at this dose around 5 times (and all by accident, never meant to, as it is so strong) out of my 70 total Hawaiian psychotria journeys (most 30-35 grams), this was no different, exactly the same as the potent leaf, at the very high end for advanced Ayahuasca use.

Dennis Mckenna once said about one of his Ayahuasca journeys, that for the first 10 minutes it felt like he was riding an elevator to the top floor at high speed, this is how it felt for me, or like handling a high speed sports car.

...then it became at 10 minutes extremely enjoyable, infinite open eyed beauty, incredible closed eye morphing & dancing geometrics in wild neon purple, pink & green that lasted for another 35 minutes with closed eyes. With open eyes, saturated neon colors and neon colored rainbow reflections surrounded everything which glowed intensely with an inner divine light, music playing was just heavenly, incredible music enhancement, +5 Shulgin level experience, most powerful experience I've had in years....very strong for 1.5 hour, when it decreased in strength several notches.

I could not believe the open eyed beauty--phenomenal...this is my preferred method. WOW, unbelievable experience, high euphoria, deep headspace, profound spiritual insights, extremely visual, had the power of 40g Hawaiian psychotria to the highest degree. I experienced zero nausea, zero dizziness (so long as I keep my harmine dose below 200mg). Love Love Love

Part 0: 12 reasons pure THH or tetrahydroharmine rocks (this post #1 in middle)
Part 1: HPBCD complexed DMT experimental dosage, effects & duration, over 44 sublingual DMT experiences over a year's time (this post #1 at bottom with pics). Many times stronger than oral DMT. Updated 1-1-2022.

--> See the 5 hour brightly colored CEV trip report using 300mg oral THH once + 60mg sublingual HPBCD DMT + 35mg sublingual harmine fb x 2 re-doses every 1.5 hour at the very bottom of this post #1. HPBCD DMT kicks ass period. Most meaningful & intense CEV visionary experience of my life, and I've taken Ayahuasca x 70 times and high dose cactus tea over 200 times. Incredible music enhancement the whole time as well. <--

Part 2: 200mg oral harmine + 300mg oral THH + 90mg sublingual HPBCD DMT 1 hour later + L-dreamer's 2/4/2022 experience: "Sublingual DMT + oral THH - surprising and underrated" + Closing tips + Receptorome chart & explanation (post #2). L-dreamer's cotton ball sublingual method: page 18, post #351 or top of page 19. Page 19, post #374 = psychedelic tolerance chart

Part 3: 300mg pure Tetrahydroharmine (THH) teaching visions all by her self (post #3)
Part 4: Tetrahydroharmine receptorome similarities to mescaline; potentiates cactus & safety note (post #4)
Part 5: Chemist Patrick Arnold's HPBCD complexed prohormones for sublingual use (millions of dollars in sales) & bloodwork studies (post #5)
part 6: Dr. Narang: "with sublingual" or "under the tongue" better than buccal, gingival & palatal, absorption of drugs through the sublingual route is 3 to 10 times greater than oral route and is surpassed by hypodermic injection (post #6)
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part 13: Out of print writings on the Divine Plant of the Incas, coca leaf visions...and writings on strong euphoria from coca leaf tea bags soaked in wine, forming orally active cocaethylene in the liver, discovered in 1994. Explains the popularity of Vin Mariani (coca leaf soaked wine) with both popes, Thomas Edison and countless celebrities.
[page 15, post #286]
part 14: THH + mushrooms report from JKW
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part 15: 2-20-2022 experience: 300mg oral THH + 25mg sublingual harmine freebase + 90mg sublingual HPBCD DMT like 600mg of mescaline for 2 hours, with photos.
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Multiple encounters with death and depression & 80mg DMT complexed to 560mg HPBCD oral Ayahuasca report
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