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Post SWIM's Yeilds !

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For the sake of sharing the knowledge let's post swim's yeild data !

Let me ask us all to report, all in one thread, the success rates and extraction tek used by the swims we all know.

Mention any other tek details and re purity if you have weights pre and post recrystalization !

For eg:

Swim said she get's 0.9% yeild from MHRB, via A-B using 200 g MHRB, in three acid pulls using 3 x 1.8 liters pH 2.0 at room temp, over 3 days. Swim used naphtha for NP solvent, and evaporation to yeild the dmt.

Let's track some data, and then make a spread sheet to summarize it all !.
SWIM will do an A/B and STB next week on the same bark and post yields. He's never made careful observations of his yields but will make a note of it this time. Both teks will be done meticuloulsy for the sake of comparison.
Some other woman I met told me about 0.97% total yeild, starting with 200 g MHRB, doing a typical A-B extraction at room temp in a gallon-sized, glass wine jug.

I guess this is normal if you're as picky as she is, but there was an interesting outcome too, in addition to her using very little volumes of everything, all the dmt from 200 g MHRB came out in < 3.5 litres of purple extract.

There were three acid soaks of the pulverized MHRB, using 1600- 1750 ml of pH 1.8 water (just 5 ml of 35% HCL in 7 cups of deionized water makes a pH of 1.8 - !). These combined were less than 5.0 litres of purple extract, but she only needed to do two acid soaks making 3.3 liters to get a 0.97% yield !.

The purple filtrate from 1st acid soak (1.6 litres) yielded 1583 mg of mostly white dmt (0.79%). This was extracted 4 times with naphtha once basified.

The second acid soak of the same 200g MHRB sludge used a little less pH 1.8 water. But after basifying and with 4 naphtha pulls, it yeilded another 356 mg making the total yield (1583 + 356 = 1939 mg or 0.97% ! This was done by evaporating all the NP solvent.

The third acid soak of the 200 g of MHRB-sludge yielded 0% dmt after 3 naphtha pulls ! Swim had never observed this before and in the end she could have gotten >0.9% yield with just two acid soaks making her have to handle < 3.5 litres of purple extract !

The MHRB sludge was left in the jug between soaks - after 12 hours the jug's water was just poured slowly out through the filter cone (funnel with http://www.whatman.com/products/?pageID= papers). So there's no mess to handle - just resoak the sludge, shake the sheet out of it, and then discard the gunk after second or third soak.

The soak period swim used was 12 - 24 hours, and the glass jug with the ~2.0 litres of acid and MHRB was shaken at every occasion, as vigorously as possible. Swim said that at room temp, slowly the pulverized MHRB floating in a super acid environment was going to give up it's dmt easily - mosly due to the extensive grinding, but the wet acidity was digesting the dried bark cells appart all the time. Doing the Acid soaks at room temperature didn't likely destroy the"Red Jungle Spice", either, she thought...

Her lye-solution used to basify each jar of purple extract was this: in 300 ml of hot water dissolve 80 g lye - this makes a solution with a pH of almost 14 !.

Then for each 5-700 ml of filtered, purple extract just add 20 ml of the lye-solution and swill to see the colour change blue-grey, then jet black (30 ml are way past pH 11.5) .. Swim Basifies to pH 11.5 with just 20 ml of the lye solution ! She puts a layer of 80 ml naphtha per 600 ml extract on before the lye-solution is added, and does 4 pulls.

That was some good purple bark she had !
swims first try with 400g mhrb > marsofold tek > 1g of crystal clear spice

they were lazy doing it tho and didn't put 100% effort in
[mhrb only heated with acid for 4 hours out of recommended 6]
A friend of a friend sent me the following datas :

Intrigued by Elkabong croisade for the A/B method 😉 , he performed somehow the tek described above on 245 g of purple powder.
'Somehow' because he cooked the acid soup for 1/2 hour twice.
He gathered the resulting liquid and reduced it to fill in a 3 l bottle.

From that two acid soaks, he extracted :

1st naphta pull : 700 mg
2 nd : 460 mg
3rd : 365 mg

Total from acid : 1,525 g
He noted that the spice is quite white and bioassay are awesome.

BUT, annoyed by the idea of losing any precious goods, he took the filtered powder remaining from the acid soaks and performed 'somehow' a Noman's tek on it. Somehow because he also enjoy cooking the basic soup :lol:

2 naphta pulls were done :

1 : 880 mg
2 : 520 mg

Yes ! the 245 g of MHRB were generously giving 2925 mg althought the latest pull was indeed light yellow.

Total 1.19 % :!:

My friend was quite glad about this and he can not recommend enough to not stop extracting as long as something last ;)

Note that without a STB on the remaining powder, he would have lost a lot !

The soup was not trashed, some xylene extraction will follow in case of...
So then an NaOH stewing could make the last shreds of bark and wood give up the very last molecule of dmt..? coax it out, and then pound it out ! .. but how does one not over-stew-it ?... no heat ? and how to combine acid extrated bark with strong base, without heat or exploding jugs..?

But we can't forget that yeild is all about the quality of the MHRB, old bark or young bark, ... purple or pink - what is the indicator of >1% dmt content..? Greater than 1% is lovely result ! - meaning there was a legendary tree somewhere !

another story I heard about recently was that swim got 0.78% yeild of dmt from 200 g pulverized MHRB, done via A/B, at room temp with 3 soaks of the MHRB in pH 2.0 before basifying. This was done in a glass, gallon sized wine jug that was shaken often, and emptied (filtered) after each period of 8 - 12 hours of soak-and-shake.

The third acid-soak again yeilded 0%, oddly ... so all soluble dmt came out of the ground-up MHRB in just two acid soaks (about 3.8 liters of purple combined). Maybe this left over wad of MHRB needed a sodium hydroxide soaking too..?

What if you don't squeeze-out the MHRB gunk after the third acid soak..? Do our swims know if there could be lots of yeild left in the un-squeezed-out bark gunk..?
no heat ? and how to combine acid extrated bark with strong base, without heat or exploding jugs..?

It's no problem at all because the bark was almost dried after having been sqeezed out in a teeshirt. We do not deal with tons of matter but with few hundred grams.
And my friend use plastic bottles !! (mineral water)
Of course it does require some precautions (gloves...) but no big deal.

Maybe continuing to cook the acidified bark several times would have done the job ? But my friend do not like to reduce liters of liquid for hours and he preferred to add few gr of lye to the bark. Note that my friend is quite lazy and no more accurately measure ml of water or grams of lye. It's more like cooking than accurate chemistry ;)

what is the indicator of >1% dmt content..? Greater than 1% is lovely result ! - meaning there was a legendary tree somewhere !

Indeed. But the issue here is not only the % but to find the best way to exhaust the bark. A/B THEN STB has some good points, the A/B giving clean spice, the STB exhausting the bark.
But maybe a STB followed by a Lextek would give a similar yield and even cleaner spice ?
1lb inner Mexican MHRB A/B Extract.
First Pull 24hrs in freezer = 450mg
Second Pull 4 days in freezer = 350mg
3rd pull is still in freezer.

Also like to note swim is lazy and never evaps enough before he puts it in the freezer.

Swim also saved the powdered bark(its drying) from a/b and going to to a STB on it.

And Swim will finish up with Toluene.

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