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pron shots

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Fiashly said:
Hey dg have you ever tried to cut off and reroot any of those grafted peyote buttons? If so how did it go?

yes, its a bit tricky but with care i had about 80% make it
gave almost all of them away recently though, the biggest heads went to rooting, all the small ones are grafted on foafs trichos :)
Morbiddoctor said:
Dg, dragon-n : how many cacti do you guys have?

i have about 40 total. but 13 of them are just these regular old pedro's that are just so-so potency wise.
otherwise the rest are super potent!!! but besides potency, i love them all!!! i haven't eaten any of my own though.
they are my babies!!!! if i wanted to i could just buy one and eat somebody else's!!!!
this is my ho-hum pedro stash:


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Morbiddoctor said:
Dg, dragon-n : how many cacti do you guys have?
this is the big picture of my avatar. this was my entire stash as of a year ago.
now i have maybe 20 more or so not including the peyotes.
c'mon DG!! you runnin' out of pron?!?!?! 8)


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Not a bad little collection you got there. I want a huge variety! I'm just now seeing the little San pedros I planted pop up, 3 so far. Still waiting on peyotes to germinate. Then I can show you some homemade pron of
my own!

Hurry up dg! You're falling behind.
ha, i might need to get the cam out here at some point, but i still have a few on this drive...

i have a couple hundred or so at this point


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Is the dosage the same as some bridge clones? Were you being sarcastic about never doing that to pete,or which grafted cacti were you talking about?
dg said:
i'd never do such a thing to a poor little pete:roll:
the grafted are about as strong as a good bridg clone
not as strong as the few wild cacti im ashamed to say i have eaten have been

"yes i hear a lot about potency variation too (from juul's), but mine knocked my freakin' socks clean off so who knows??"
how was it prepared for bio?
known to contain very little mesc, but be really strong as tea, same as some bridg clones
suggesting interesting and totally unknown synergy :)
i'll hafta get out the cam one of these days, but here are some stock pics


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This is part of my small ethnogarden, from left to right I this is: San pedro, penis plant, Bridgesii and salvia plant. None of the cacti are getting optimal light but have been moved outside since. They probably are not in proper types of pots either but hey, Im still learning.
From top to bottom : Astrophytum Asterias ,newly Grafted L.Williamsii on Sand Pedro ,Trichocereus Peruvianus , L.Williamsii , and a Close up eye Candy of my little peyote.

As you can see on the pedro,under the peyote theres black spots ,not sure if there really a threat ?? , some of it is under the peyote also.


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yay pron!!

"As you can see on the pedro,under the peyote theres black spots ,not sure if there really a threat ??"

just watch it. if it grows, or turns mushy-you have real issues. looks fine :)
this is a bridgesii SS02 variety.
very fast growing.
the first pic is less than a year before the second pic....same plant though.


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