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Psychedelic/Trippy Movies

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Hello everybody. Just wanted to know any good recommendations on good trippy-psychedelic drugs movies live action or animated, focused on the true nature of hallucinogic drugs and sptirituality, maybe not on the whole movie, but some parts of it, like The Matrix, blueberry and the secret experience.

Im very deeply interested on having some shooting influences and ideas from these aspects of drugs, and adding some deep content to a short film i'm developing with a groou of people. Not from hard drug-movies like fear and loathing, trainspotting or requiem for a dream, but, as i said, the more spiritual-hallucinogic-deep aspects of this.

I think some of you gouy can really help me out on this. I certainly find this forum full of extremely interesting content. Thanks to all of you for sharing this, and keeping this together and alive.
The Thief of Bagdad seems to have some kind of deeper meaning. Maybe it's the trippy Technicolor technique of the 1940s, or maybe i've just been smoking too much spice. Dune as well, maybe. Heh, I even got stuff out of The Empire Strikes Back, guess you can read meaning into just about anything :D

There was an old episode of The Outer Limits (The Expanding Human) about a group of university professors and students using psychedelics (shades of Tim Leary there), but it wasn't that great to be honest.
There is a French psychedelic cowboy film (based on the comic book by Moebius) called "Blueberry", although for the North American market it was retitled as "Renegade". It's very interesting and has some authentic ayahuasca-style CGI 'hallucinations' during the final scenes. The classic western showdown between the marshall and the gunslinger occurs in a shamanic realm... they're both bombed outta their gourds and lieing beside each other in a sacred cavern. Neat stuff.

Oh wait, you mentioned "Blueberry" already. Sorry!

I only this weekend finished watching some of the collected films of Kenneth Anger. Weird old stuff. I found his "Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome" interesting.

"Altered States" is a classic, though a little hard to take seriously.

Though not psychedelic per se Linklater's "Waking Life" deals with death and spirituality and questions of perception effectively, if you can stand the high-brow goings on. And the animation style is very neat. His adaptation of Dick's "A Scanner Darkly" is beautiful.

For sheer visual joy and amazement, I like "Baraka". If you're new to Earth, this is the orientation video, I figure.

You mention "Requiem for a Dream"... check out Aronofsky's last film "The Fountain"... it's like the anti-Requiem and has some utterly gorgeous effects.
Oh come on, "Fear and Loathing" is relevant to the psychedelic experience.

Other wise:

Alejandro Jodorowsky's "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain"

Ira Cohen's "Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda"

"Cat Soup"

and I second on Kenneth Anger and Linklater films and "The Fountain"
Fear and loathing is crucial indeed.
I remember, long time ago there was this infamous 'twin peaks' on the tele. What i remember from it, it had some very weird things going on sometimes.
When i watched those lordofthering movies i was completely far out, so maybe if you watch them sober it's kind of crap.
But some moments when i watched naturalbornkillers, i could almost feel like i was on acid.
And anything that has 'terry gilliam' written on it is surreal.
Eraserhead...has nothing to do with psychedelic drugs, but it's great if you consider our sober reality to be surreal in itself. It's very disturbing. David Lynch film. I suppose it would relate more to the aural hallucinations of a schizophrenic or something. There is a lot of strange background noise, but very little dialogue in the entire movie. Themes of life, death, and cold, harsh reality are strong within it.
Oh yeah! Akira is a great film. Anime. It's really fucked up, though. There are some hallucination sequences that remind me of a bad Salvia trip. Characters in the film also discuss the acquisition of knowledge by the human race from an unseen information field or something like that.
I have never taken a journey while watching any TV or movie and I find it hard to understand what exactly can be learned from this, each to their own though. I embark on all my journeys with the up most respect.

Much Peace
I found Pink Floyd the wall to be excellent but deeply disturbing, I watched it while I was completely normal and sober, I guess I'm just a big softie. ;)

Much Peace
Oh, and "Gay Niggers from Outer Space" is hilarious. It's a short sci-fi film about a planet of homosexual males that sends a rag tag team of queer black guys to Earth to save us from women and establish a utopia. It's at moviesfoundonline.com

I found it inspiring.
This one is nuts! La Planete Sauvage/The Fantastic Planet/The Savage Planet.
It's about a planet inhabited by giant blue meditating aliens, where humans ('Oms') are merely pets or vermin.
Once you're past the first 10 minutes, the story will suck you in...
Most of the big ones have already been mentioned.

Another animated one: "Heavy Metal" (1981)
And on a B-movie fantasy trip, go for "Conan the Barbarian" and "Beastmaster" (the batpeople crack me up!)
"Sleeper" and "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask", Woody Allen
The Prisoner (1967)
Where the Buffalo Roam

"Serpent and the Sun: Tales of an Aztec Apprentice" is the docufilm I'm REALLY wanting to watch.
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