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russian olive status ?

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I've been interested in the Russian Olive tree as an alternative harmine source. They grow all over the place in my neck of the woods.

I can't seem to find anything really definitive on this. threads on the subject seem to end with no solid conclusions. There is only one fairly extensive experience writeup to found on the web. Phalaris Grass & St. John's Wort - Erowid Exp - 'Phalaris Soma'

The tea from the bark seems very much like ayahuasca vine, it has many of the same characteristics except much more bitter to taste.
It seems to have MAOI qualities but i have yet to conclude anything solid.

The leaves have definite activity when smoked. I imagine a leaf soak in grain alcohol is in order at this point.

I wonder why there isn't more info on this.

Has anyone come to any solid conclusions on this yet ?
I have a bunch around me and was actively researching it about a year ago. I love how the leaves are glittery, they make for such pretty foliage. I went out to collect some on several occasions but then I moved houses and I currently have no clue where the heck those bags wound up. My only question or concern with extracting/using this for harmalas is that I'm not sure what other alkaloids or compounds are present within the bark/leaves. Do you have any information on this? I'm going to look through some journals when I get home tonight and see what, if anything, I can find.
not sure if this is of any use, but well here is a publication...


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Right now it seems the leaves have more activity than
The bark . The trees are putting a lot if energy into the leaves this time of the
Year .
And they are flowering at the moment. I will do a careful test using
A strong tea made from the leaves. The true test will be what happens
When a good dose of spice is introduced to it.
I made a tea from the bark last week and noticed some subtle but strange
Things when combined with spice . There is a caapi-like quality .
There is something very different because these trees are rooted in the
Local ecosystem unlike caapi. Wich is obviously not native to my region.
There was a distinctive localness to what I was feeling .
The way I began to see the local plants was intrigueing.
I really think there is something to this .
I think I need a tek to make a super strong concentration from the
Leaf material to really see what the deal is . Any thoughts on that ?
Dagger said:
Why not try basing or do a manske on the brew to see if anything precipitates?
I'm gonna be going to my favorite russian olive-saturated patch of woods tomorrow to collect a bunch of leaves. I'll probably do a side by side of a/b and manske +/- a/b and see what happens...assuming the collection goes well, I could possibly have something to say by this weekend.
I've been really interested in this plant for a while. A concentrated leaf extract for changa might be worth a shot with this one too. Good to know that the leaves are showing more activity!
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

Chemicals in: Elaeagnus angustifolia L. (Elaeagnaceae) -- Russian Olive, Silver Berry




ALKALOIDS Bark 2,000 ppm; HHB









This plant is invasive and no one cares if it's harvested as well. Finding reasons to harvest it would do the world some good.
Does anyone know if the related species E. umbellata (Autumn Olive) has any alkaloids in it? I'm fairly certain we have both species around here and they're fairly similar in appearance...I'm gonna have to bust out the taxonomy books again, :lol:.
hmm... coincidence? I was looking over some old posts (Russian Olive Extraction) a few days ago and was wondering if anyone had made any headway recently.

The extent of my research got as far as collecting leaves and loosing them somewhere.

E. angustifolia along with phalaris and phragmaites grasses grow literally everywhere here so it makes sense to make use of it all. Warmer weather is coming along with a sohxlet so hopefully I'll be more motivated this year.
the phragmites reed does grow all over. You never hear much about people working with it though.
۩ said:
Brew some up and blast it with UV?
Water brew of E. umbellata did not fluoresce under UV. Will be trying with acidic ipa soak this evening to confirm. My old spot is apparently currently under development and has been massively hacked away :cry:. I will be attempting to locate a new patch of angustifolia from which to procure leaves for a manske and a/b.
This is an 3 week alcohol soak of fresh ground up russian olive leaves they were picked while the trees were flowering.

Does this qualify as flourescing under black light i can't tell ?


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looks very yummy, how does russian olive tea taste compared to rue or caapi? would be great to have a soutce of harmalas that doesnt taste death :)
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