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Salvia Plants dieing please help

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I just replanted my two Salvia plants about two weeks ago and know the leaves are turning brown on the edges and then dropping.
I replanted them doing the polyester rope trick to hang out of the bottom into a bowl of water to keep them moist. Found here.

One plant has lost most of the leave and the other is now following.
Any thoughts? Please help, I don't want them to die.

I would say wayy to much watering..let the soil dry out completely between waterings..hopefully they make it through..almost looks like you have been misting them..if you are I would stop.

I find when they get like that it's even hard to take cuttings..they dont seem to root very well when they are not from a healthy mother..

good luck..
So here is what I did, I replanted them in different pots, with the organic potting soil mixed with some perlite.
When I dug them out the soil was really wet all the way down. The rope method brings up too much water.
I left the new soil light and fluffy till the roots dry a little, then I will water.

I also set them next to my bed at a east facing window near my head so they will get a little carbon dioxide. The temp in the bed room is about 68F

They were in my computer room where the temp is pretty high from my computers, about 78F.

I live in Michigan and it is starting to get cold out so I have the windows closed. I don't have the heat on yet, but when I do turn it on it gets dry, so I will need to watch that.

I am just wondering if tomorrow I should place a humidity tent over them.

Also I did find some spider mites on a leaf of one of the plants, so I sprayed it very lightly with some Earth-tone 3n1 pink bottle.

Luckily I do have cuttings from pieces that fell off when I got them, They are rooting nicely and are in nice shape. All in tents.
I wouldnt personally use any humidity tent..I grow salvia in canada and my plants came indoors about 2 weeks ago and I dont use any type of humidity dome..
yaea too much water..and i live in the north east us..and my salvia plants dont do well in humidity domes
SWIM once had a fantastic salvia plant growing without any humidity tent. It was very potent. Just 1 fresh leaf (had to be fresh) held in the cheek for 10 minutes was enough for a very pleasant mushroom-like experience.

He was living in western US where it gets 100 F in the summer and it’s pretty dry. He would mist his plants a few times a day and that was good enough (a few dry spots here and there on the leaves, but overall pretty healthy) until one day it reached about 108 F and SWIM came home from work to find the plant was completely dead. It was shocking to see just how fast salvia can die from dry air.
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