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Salvia Shake/Smoothie

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I have just added 31 grams of salvia consisting of about 10 3-5 inch fresh leaves the rest dried leaves of roughly the same size to one mug of cold water half a mug of semi skimmed milk, 165ml coconut milk, 4 tablespoons of dried peppermint, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, two tablespoons of cocoa powder, and about 5 tablespoons of honey then blended it all together. It's never going to be in the top ten flavour smoothies of the year list, but it's certainly less terrible than just plain leaf, this produced just under 2 pints of smoothie.

I have put it in the fridge until probably later tonight I have always chickened out of smoking salvia properly so I am hoping this method works for me, I am not looking for intense mind bending trips, more of a very visual deep thought exploration of a more spiritual feel, I intend to strain the leaf matter from one of the pints then sip, swill around my mouth for as long as possible then swallow.

I grow my own salvia divinorum and have 5, 3 feet high plants but this is my first real experience other than a couple of light speckled vision experiences and a feeling of my head wanting to bend and roll into my groin with a light sweating feeling.

Does 15.5 grams (half the mixture) in a pint of liquid sound like it will work or is this way off the required amount for a reasonably good deep vision meditation, do you guys think it just won't work at all?

Any help or advice from the more experienced salvia users would be greatly appreciated, I am a little nervous when it comes to salvia, I very definitely respect it's power, to recap the recipe is:

31g salvia leaf
4 tablespoons dried peppermint
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
5 tablespoons of honey
1 mug of cold water
1/2 mug of semi-skimmed milk
165 ml of coconut milk

Blend together until smooth, chill and allow to stand for several hours, strain and sip half the liquid holding it in the mouth as long as possible.

Obviously once I have done this I will let you all know how it went.
It's my understanding that it's not orally active. The indigenous people who use it have a technique for slowly sucking on a bundle of leaves so that the salvinorin is absorbed through the oral mucosa.
I hope that it's somewhat active similar to a quid, otherwise it's going to be a lot of not particularly pleasant swilling liquid around my mouth for no real reward
I've heard that making tea or plainly eating salvia is good for the eliminatory functions and headaches according to the Mazatecs.

Your shake may work. Not sure. I usually take dried leaves and chew them up till my saliva makes them wet. This is quite concentrated as far as plain leaf in the mouth goes but it still takes some working at to get anywhere intense.

I think you may get some of salvia spirit in your mind and body and that could be helpful. Good luck
I guess I will take the view it probably won't work, but nothing ventured etc, either way I will let you guys know what if anything happened, I don't really want to smoke it if I can help it because I would prefer a more gentle use of salvia, so probably quidding is the way to go for me if this doesn't work
I tried unsuccessfully to quid 5 rehydrated medium sized leaves last night instead of the smoothie, I am sure it was unsuccessful entirely down to not enough leaf matter, only 10 minutes chewing, holding, moving the leaves under my tongue then to the back of my throat with my head tipped slightly back, then each cheek until it was basically mush, then spat out the mush, I wanted to swallow it but just couldn't because it made me gag for some reason.

This leads me to expect very little/probably nothing from the shake/smoothie idea but I will try it anyway and see if anything happens.

I did have fairly strong thoughts of leaves and movement but I could just have easily imagined this due to being quite tired as it was after midnight and I had been up since 6am.
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