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Migrated topic.
oh the lil one that is brown - that got attacked by either a yorkshire terrior or a staffie, its a bit bruised up bit it should recover fine.
Phlux- said:
oh the lil one that is brown - that got attacked by either a yorkshire terrior or a staffie, its a bit bruised up bit it should recover fine.

Ha ha ha i couldn`t see it propery, didn`t think about this possibility :)

Btw. nice trichs. looks yummy 😉
It definitely affects different people in different ways.
I've never even tried extract, I just rip a big bowl of straight dried leaf and that gets me right into "her" space.
Does anyone have experience working with salvia and spice at the same time? Not at once but like salvia one day and spice the next or spice in the morning and salvia at night.

Do these two teachers clash at all?
I have done this countless times...and I do find that at times aspects of one will show up when using the other alone...but not always. Salvia particularly is weird this way..but it seems to work on memory..I have brocken through to almost tryptamine-esque states with salvia alone(mostly just recently), but that could be becasue of past memories being activated that I associate with tryptamine space..basically in my experience, any experience you have had could play a role in a salvinorin experience..

It's def stranger when salvia starts to show up durring a tryptamine experience...The most intese of these events has happened to me with mushrooms though, not spice..and it was positive and not negative.. kinda startling when space starts to open up in a way very much unlike psilocyin.

Some people do seem to have problems with salvia intruding in on they're normal lives in negative ways...but I personally dont know any of these people..people say LSD gives you flashback as well but I dont hear too many people complaining of them..If however there is some real basis for the theory of reverse tolerance to salvinorin, than who knows what structural changes are actually taking place in the brain with prolonged salvinorin use, or any entheogenic use for that matter.
Its weird actually, I've added a little pinch of Salvia leaves to some changa, and it worked very nicely indeed, and completely altered the experience. Myself and my friend experienced an amazing sense of peace after smoking it...one was so blissful, and completely enveloped in the sensation of existing of the here and now, that one had no desire to move or talk during the experience. The night before we had drunk some caapi (and chaliponga) that had only produced threshold effects, so I'm not sure if this was still in our systems having an influence. The experience lasted a decent amount of time, and there was a pleasant afterglow for some time afterwards. Salvia changa has been called 'changra' by my friends....the effects resemble psychedelic opium.

However, one other time, not having experienced a Salvia journey for a very long time, I attempted smoking some 40x extract in a bong. Unfortunately, I noobed this up, smokign during the day, as oppose to a dark, quiet room.

I felt altered in a weird way I couldn't really pinpoint, and 10 mins later, I thought I would salvage a trip by smoking some spice...

BIG mistake...got the 'ferocious, unrelenting terror' vibe, similar to when I smoked far too much DMT while on Syrian Rue. The universe immediately began to mutate and the 'flight and fight' part of my brain was zapped on. Not fun but didn't last long. This was completely my fault though not showing the repect that these extremely powerful things deserve.

A weird note on the Salvia flashback front...once when coming down off a mushroom trip, I had a little pipe of good cannabis...and WHAMMO...I was launched into Salvia space...was really weird and very vivid, and not friendly...mainly because I wasn't expecting it at all. But I was getting all those uniquely weird effects that are part of Salvia's territory. Only experience like this I've ever had.
SWIM also likes using a bit of salvia in his changa...he likes including her...passionflower, peppermint, salvia, caapi, and a dash of lavender..very tasty and its the most euphoric combination...very very good for first timers who are a little nervous.
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