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Sober light distortion

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Maybe it's just a fluke, a recent while ago I took a small amount of lsd and was positively convinced i'd stay in this state forever. I looked outside the window and saw a beautiful diamond blue sky. Not hallucinated it just really was incredible

I've been inside for months and rarely come outside. Just today I was casually taking a shower and thought I saw this same richness in the corner of my eye. And a light from outside shone through the door-opening. It was nicely blue. anyone have similar experience?
I like that description, it can be taken as a very subtle or very overpowering sort of image—like something you might miss if you're not paying attention or the last thing you ever see before you go permanently blind. Blue frosting or an artificial desert made of featureless glass stretching in a 10x10 mile floating plateau pure silicate aerogel, 2 cm thick at the center, not built but grown over the course of a year by a photosynthesizing fungus modified to produce the ultralight material in transparent sheets of cellophane, There before the first ferry arrives and the tents and stages go up—that kind of y'know, quiet blue, a blue-before-the-storm or visual migraine? Sorry to go on, (stoned) but it is my favorite color in any amount. Very few naturally blue foods though—it's a shame.

Sigh. But no, to answer your question I've never seen such a thing as a Sober Light Distortion, but I do recommend it. :)
Yess very overpowering like a close-photograph is taken of ur face and someone forgot to turn the flasher off. And you're kind of dizzy from what just entered ur eye sockets and you need some moments to readjust to handle-able intensity. :) But I like ur description too. :)
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