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Research Summary of jungle spice analytical work

Research done by (or for) the DMT-Nexus community
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In my opinion, there is definitely a difference between 'jungle' (red wax) spice and normal spice. I don't think its self suggestion.
This is what I have found in my extractions and self experiments anyway-
I find my extractions generally fall into 3 main substances:

1) First there is pure DMT, the good white stuff. I apparently have a very high tolerance with DMT. It takes me 60mg-70mg to reach hyperspace (using a GVG and good methods), its very uncomfortable for me to ingest that much and when I do, I definitely go somewhere else commonly referd to as hyperspace. This kind of trip is very 'deep'.

2) Then there is the yellow or tan substance which is mostly, (from what I have read) is NMT. This is not very visual at all but gives quite an effect on the body, a calm feeling, it lasts longer but doesn't really take me anywhere or give me any visuals.

3) Then there is the Red spice, the waxy stuff that does not dissolve easily in solvent, unless its heated quite a bit. The Red spice, gives me massive visuals. It takes very little of it to do this to me, about 25mg is plenty to zing zoom me. But- I don't really go into hyperspace. Its more of a very heavy earthly trip with lots of visuals. The buzz definitely feels much different then pure white DMT. I actually like it much more because:
a- it takes just a little toke, not 3 massive hits and holding my breath to the point of exhaustion to get somewhere.
b- it is much more visual for me, and a very different 'trip' then hyperspace. Its not as deep.
c- I can remember it much better, and it is much less anxiety provoking. Though, when mixed with too much white DMT, it can defiantly turn into something very 'dark' if your not careful!

That's just my opinion anyway- the main point being -if it is 2MTHBC-, it has a very different effect on my then DMT. I don't think it is just letting more DMT get to me, it feels like a very different trip. Its not as deep but it is very visual.
Funny revival of this old thread :)

Check the jungle link in my signature, some new tests have been done. That peak mentioned is indeed 2-MTHBC. The product extracted with naphtha or xylene or limonene all have 2MTHBC in similar (very small) quantities. There are a couple other b-carbolines that appear in also very small quantities with the more crude extractions but still at those quantities its unsure whether they can affect so much as some people say.

NMT might certianly be there in significant amounts with some acacias but with mimosa it seems in very small quantity, I dont think it's right to equate yellow with NMT. More likely a mix of dmt n-oxide, plant oils and/or simply trace solvent trapped with your dmt preventing it from crystallizing (plus the traces of nmt and beta carbolines).

Thanks for sharing your self experiments, but without control groups or blind testing or very careful measuring and consumption, it's very hard to say anything about it. For example you say with red it "just takes a little toke", but that it doesnt get you deep.. But if you aren't smoking the same amounts, in the same speed, with the exact same method, you are hardly really comparing two different substances, you're introducing a whole bunch of other variables there. Also there can be other factors such as the oils protecting the vaporization of DMT and therefore affecting amounts vaporized and rate of absorption, not to mention the self suggestion, natural variance of trips, and so on. I think the fact that people constantly perpetuate the idea that "jungle" is "dark" , or even the name "jungle" itself, plus it's darker color, already affects people's expectations towards it.

Again, not saying your experience isn't true, maybe your hypothesis is right, partly right, or completely wrong. I think we should for the moment not be too certain of conclusions.

Would you be willing to do blind testing with your different batches? What's your method of smoking? You mention the GVG, do you use a metal scrubber or bed of herbs to prevent the DMT from melting?

PS: I wish burnt and bufoman would come back so we could discuss all the new results....
"Would you be willing to do blind testing with your different batches?"

Well, I might be up for that actually, as of the last few months, I've been taking a rather more scientific look at my trips due to diet reasons. Something in my daily routine was inhibiting my ability to enter hyperspace and so I invested in a good scale and accurate measuring tools and started doing some routines where set and setting was the same so I could more accurately judge the effects. (same place, time of day, lighting conditions, same song (Pink Floyd, crazy diamond part 2, etc.) and took note of my diet and different items I may have consumed and got some good answers from that.

My method of intake has been to measure out a specific amount exactly, the same each time, using a GVG with a copper chore boy screen and a dependable torch lighter. I load in the center, let the lighter hover above to melt, then get a white cloud, then back the flame off even further keeping it hot enough to vaper but not burn. Try to consume all in one hit if my lungs are up for it.

So I could be up for another controlled test and it would be interesting to see if I could really tell the difference, though I couldn't do it quite so formally.

I could do a single blind test though. I could get my significant other to load my GVG for me in the other room, with either 30mg's white or 30mg's jungle.

Here is the spices I would be working with. Both came from the same batch of A/B extraction from MHRB.
Container on the right has been re-ex'ed once and I'm sure contains slight impurities but is mainly clean DMT.
Container on the left is the same re-ex'ed DMT mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio with red-waxy jungle residue, heated and dissolved into Bestine and the temp. raised slowly until the bottom red oily residue became solvent in the Bestine. This took a temp. much higher then normal re-crystallization when such stuff tends to drop out.

I have 1.5 and .6 grams of each respectively which would get me though testing so this could be done. I'd have to explain to my better half the whole experiment, and to not have any particular expression or to not give me any hints when handing me the GVG, but it would be interesting to see.

The whole reason I was looking back at these threads actually is my attempt to be able to fully enjoy a nice experience. And I have found white DMT to be much harder to experience hyper space then I would have liked. (I personally need to vape what I consider to be too much.)

Then I accidently got a little jungle mixed with my white and I found the experience quite more powerful. (I wont say profound, as pure dmt seems more profound if I can get there.)

And then I started separating what I could, and I tried mixing the yellow/tan with the white but it did't really do what I had accidently found. And then I mixed the red with the white and... wow... but it feels like a different experience, or so I subjectively think, -so it would be interesting to do a blind test- As I could very well be wrong.


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So in regards to people claiming that jungle space is more potent than pure DMT, we can assume that most people are not properly vaporizing DMT in the 155 to 158°C range. Most are using a lighter or a dab rig on high temps. (I recommend a quartz banger enail set to outer temp X so that a meat thermometer through the center hole of a bubble carb cap reads 155 degrees. And then adjust up 2 degrees at a time, if too cold). OK so if these other alkaloids in jungle spice vaporize at a higher temperature. Then as DMT/jungle space melts, it could form an azeotrope which would allow for a more potent experience since less DMT would be burning/carbonizing.
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