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syrian rue extraction attempt

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soulfood- I only used like less than a quarter vinegar. probably less than a 1/5 actually. there is a tiny tiny bit of something setteled at the bottom.

endlessness- it still fizzed a lot even with that tiny layer at the bottom. however, the fizzing has cut down now quite a bit now that i have put a good amount in over time. should i keep adding until it completly stop bubbling?

and should i put it in the fridge or just room temperature? thanks
Hmm... yeah thats a fair bit of vinegar actually. I literally just use a splash or two just to insure my tap water was slightly acidic.

You may have to add more water to get the sodium carbonate soluble in it, because it sounds like it's somewhat saturated
alright. doing that right now. will the crystals just form in room temp or do i need to cool it?
great. thats exactly what it looks like. i thought the stuff at the bottom was just undissolved sodium carbonate cuz it looks pretty fine but now that i think about it it isnt as fine as sodium carb. im gonna strain or decant in an hour or so. what should the final product look like? the crystals seem pretty white so far
If it looks clumpy and white it's sodium carbonate. If it looks fluffy and well space out it will be the harmalas. You should see quite a bit almost suspended in the solution until it settles.
alright when i looked at em again i thought maybe it was sodium but its actually a bit more tan and is spaced out and fine like you said. gonna go decant now. seems like the yield dropped quite a bit tho.

edit: ok i decanted and had the freebase at the bottom of the jar and long story short most of it is in my carpet. but i did manage to save a few doses i think. the final product is golden and looks pretty much exactly like kief. i put a tiny bit on a screen in my pipe and held the lighter pretty far above and it melted completely and easily. seems like a good result considering several times i thought for sure i messed it up. thanks for all your help everybody. ill post back when i try them. hopefully that will be this full moon.
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