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The High Diet

Migrated topic.
Get excited


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spirulina ! chlorella has cellulose in the cell wall that has me unsure about digesting it
so far i can't see how a diet can get more nutrient dense than a bowl of fresh home grown spirulina, organic microgreens grown on home made compost and sprouted organic seeds from organic seed farmers
very compatible with psychedelics, lesser karmic hassle to go through
downwardsfromzero said:
So is that jar pure spirulina, or did you actually mix it into yoghurt?

Either way, thanks for the inspiration!

just fresh spirulina, it does taste like a bland yoghurt tho, hence all that
Those salad pictures are a piece of art!

I´m not vegan... I was born in Argentina...
In late years I am trying to eat healthier.
I recently started growing sprouts and microgreens, in trays and jars... big ass trays in my basement, I am using the extra space available.

I think growing your food is therapeutic... I felt a connection when growing mushrooms, taking care of them... microgreens are super easy to grow compared to shrooms.

I look for quick recipes... I am a man who lives alone... some sprouts with advocato and lemon is super nice...
I might also go for gluten free tortitas and fresh mozarella chese with sprouts and olives. And hummus.
it's not very long that these new possibilities for changing the biochemical state of your body has opened up to the human population, though there is a mental and psychological dimension to one's diet, since food intake can be used to suppress the vital energies of the individual, he will cling and addict to those foods or otherwise sexual activities or substances and entertainments that provide this suppression, blocking, misdirecting, outpour and engaging of vital energies to trivial and destructive processes, its important to look at diet from this perspective also while looking at the nutritional analysis of foods themselves, which puts fresh spirulina at the very peak of nutrient density among ALL foods in <many> respects, while also the flowers, microgreens and sprouts of angiosperms aka flowering seed plants also present peak nutritional values in their own unique ways, that gives me the notion that a diet comprised of fresh living spirulina 500g/day (100g dry weight equivalent) + various microgreens and grassses (broccoli microgreens for the sulforaphane, kamut wheat grass juice can be a very sweet and refreshing drink while also absolutely wonderful for your body, sunflower microgreens are very delicious and chonky while being very nutrient dense... and this goes for nearly every edible microgreen out there from every edible plant family) + various sprouts (which while also delicious provide more of the essential nutrients like carbs/proteins/fats/fiber/minerals/vitamins/enzymes compared to microgreens that provide more secondary metabolites like lutein and zeaxanthin and other carotenoids etc, vitamin e and k and b vitamins ... and things like sulforaphane and chlorophyll or ... ) + edible fragrant flowers like rose or ... which have essential oils that can intensely impact the function of the nervous system and cognitive markers of individuals ... among other amazing benefits

so in short, fresh living spirulina + fresh juice from grasses and various microgreens and sprouts and edible flowers are the most significant foods that exist out there for humans to my current knowledge, which happen to be perfectly suited to the consumption of various psychedelics, even the ones that are usually known to cause the most digestive issues such as harmalas, which speaks to me in a very clear way
barley crackers (working on pounding kamut wheat sprouts with soaked flax seeds and sprouted sesame seeds to make a live dough and partially drying it to make a live sprouted flat bread) + green sauce chopped spinach basil parsley dill sunflower sprouts lemon juice and hot pepper and some water in a blender + poppy seed and kamut wheat and lentil sprouts + red cabbage lettuce tomato bell peppers ...etc salad


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I have alfalfa on the left, kale and brocoli/mixed on the right.
I´ve tried different seeds and methods lately.
I decided to grow sunflower and brocoli mostly, alfalfa or kale. And Cilantro (coriander), it´s a little more difficult but I am learning.
Cilantro microgreens have so much flavour!...


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