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The Naphtha or the MHRB?

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Hey, Nexians! Hope all is well on your end of the internet.

I come to you all today to inquire about the quality of REMOVED 100g recently and tried out the q21q21 tek on it. It's a tek I've had great success with in the past (in the sonoran days), so I don't know if it's me or not, but this time around, after two pulls, I've extracted MAYBE 0.2g. I have no clue what is going on.

A couple things I want to mention.

First, I used naphtha that is roughly four years old. I really don't know if that matters or not. It's vm+p.

Second, and this had me suspicious before I even completed the first pull, the top of the mhrb pie didn't turn the grayish color that I used to see. I can't remember if it was after the vinegar or after the lime, but I KNOW that when mixing it up the top would turn gray (I'm thinking after the lime). This doesn't do that at all. I'm using Heinz 5% vinegar and Mrs. Wages pickling lime, which I purchased for this extract, so they're new.

At this point, I'm positive it's the mhrb or the old naphtha, because q21q21 did such an excellent job formulating his tek that it's harder to do wrong than to do right haha.

If anyone has any advice, input, etc. it would be more appreciated than you know.

Peace to all, and to all a good flight.
The age of the Naphtha shouldn't matter. How thick your emulsion is DOES matter. The solution should be black not grey. If it is grey then you should add more lye. After basifying you will see some white momentarily, that is the DMT then it all turns black or blackish purple. You lime and vinigar isn't the issue either. I would say make sure there is no emulsion, make sure the solutiona isn't thick and has enough water. Make sure it isn't cold, should be room temp or at least under 50c the warmer it is the better it will pull. It could also be that you aren't stirring or shaking for long enough... and finally it could be that your source for MHRB is bunk (mixed in other bark) dodgey sellers do this and there have been reports. hope that helps. peace
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