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The Nexians e-zine: who should we interview next?

Lets just keep listing members we want to hear more from, and eventually a consensus will emerge re: who next. Then we can put together the right questions, which can be a lot if fun with these members...

And we have personalities for all different subjects. Chemists, artists, activists, computer engineers... So we can keep our subjects dynamic and changing. For example, the Antrocles interview goes into his experience in the Amazon with the Secoya and the aftermath in his own life and entheogenic practice, with a strong emphasis on the personalities of the ayahuasceros that he worked with. Each of us has something different to offer.
There's a lot of cracking candidates, but I would like an interview sized piece of this please

۩ said:
This one's easy. DMT has OCD. It likes to neatly and dare I say efficiently fold your little reality up with such triangular precision you would think it was some kind-of machinery.

Revealed behind the facade is the source. The light of no space. The timeless all encompassing parameters that await the next software update. Which to us looks like another universe overtaking this one. But little did the dreamwalkers know: everything they thought was real was synthesized for the data collection agency behind the curtain of paradox.
I'm prejudiced and I know he hasn't been active lately but I vote for Nemo Amicus. He had an amazing background, including Summer of Love, attendance at Monterey Pop and Altamont festivals, consumption of synthetic DMT AND DET in the late 60's and early 70's. Employed by Gracie and Zarkov for the past 15 years, last breakthrough he quit using - HUGE trip involving sliding down a pyramid into a polished black granite scape of Ancient Egypt inhabited by statues of the Gods and Godesses etc, etc, etc. :D
specifically about the state of information today pertaining to the subjects of plant tryptamines, acacias and cacti.
I'd like to throw a few names out that I haven't seen anyone speak for just yet:

Olympus Mon
Hyperspace Fool

Not nessessarily in that order.
My personal top 5 right now, forcing myself to choose, would be

1.- Keeper Trout
2.- Entropymancer
3.- Snozz
4.- Endlessness
5.- Antrocles

...and @anrchy, I love you too man, but the idea of interviewing me is plain ridiculous 😉
I say endlessness, snozzleberry, Rivea, House, Pandora, Ringworm, CYB. :D I know it's a lot, but I love these people. I can think of many more as well.
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