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The OFFICIAL Binaural Beat Thread

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Just be careful. Skrillex and D equals skull explosion. Dubstep will make your eyes pop out. ;p. But seriously, I just finished a 0.5hz binaural with a bearly audible 17khz overtone. Havent tested it yet on D but it does make my voice sound weird.


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I'm not posting this to ask if it is possible. I know it works because I have done it. I used a binaural beat app from a cell phone, and it sent me into a trip (deeper then ever experienced on DMT).

Now I'm not asking "is this possible?" I was there and know it's possible. What I am asking is how it worked. Maybe someone with more knowledge on binaural beats could throw in their 2 cents.

I don't need anyone on here telling me it's not possible. It'd just be a waste of time. Not trying to be a douche. Just telling you it'd be a waste of time.
Dream2Awaken said:
I'm not posting this to ask if it is possible. I know it works because I have done it. I used a binaural beat app from a cell phone, and it sent me into a trip (deeper then ever experienced on DMT).
I suppose it's possible, but not probable. Having used binaural beats for many years it has some nice effects but no where near anything DMT can produce. Not even close. Not even in the same universe.
i have lots of experience with binaural beats, they helped me a lot getting into very deep meditative states with deep breath meditation(body high,very lite visuals like colors, sense of freedom, obe..), but deff not deeper or nething like any dmt experience ive had. could u myb describe it so we know how deep u really went?
"Also, is there a reason this topic cannot be merged with one of the following?"

No reason really. If you know how and would like to merge it into another topic, please be my guest. It'd be really appreciated.

"i have lots of experience with binaural beats, they helped me a lot getting into very deep meditative states(body high,very lite visuals like colors, sense of freedom n ego loss), but deff not deeper than any dmt experience ive had. could u myb describe it so we know how deep u really went?

Upon finishing the beat in particular(named Highest Mental Activity). I pick my head up from the table that it was resting on, and at first noticed only a slight change. At first I thought it had kicked up just some low level OEV's.

I was standing in my backyard when I realized it. My phone had moved itself from the table on my right. To the bar stool several feet to the left. This is when I realized I was not actually in my backyard, but in an exact replica. With only the phone having changed (maybe so I could realize I was where I was). Then things got weird.

A little voice in my head whispered "Enemy is behind you and cloaked, move now! I hesitated not knowing what was going on, and I felt a sharp kick to my back leg. I run and grab a staff I use for some therapeutic workouts and turn to "face" my enemy. I feel these shadow attacks as he strikes me several times before I can regain my balance and train of thought. I feel absolute fear at this moment.... Then this soothing feeling comes over me and the voice tells me it's all going to be alright.

I lay down my staff and sit lotus. Unafraid of my shadow enemy. About 2 hours pass, or what feels like 2 hours pass, and I haven't moved from the backyard. I'm sitting in the grass surrounded by a field of my zen until my dream brother appeared (I have 2 dream spirits which refer to themselves as my "brothers") They don't always come around but when they do I know I'm in for some shi*.

We sit down in 2 chairs facing each other with a bar stool in the middle. I get the urge to place my hands palm upwards on the bar stool and close my eyes. He grabs my hands and I feel... strange. Moments later I wake up in the chair I had originally fallen asleep in. I was back. Since then I have not tried again cause I wanted to learn some more info before I jump into this shadow world again.
I wonder what would happen if you amplified your brains oscillation frequency with a very sensitive microphone in real-time played back on some speakers and you added a pitch shifter to it to offset it by x amount of Hz. Binaural beat paradox.
Step 1 Get a microphone that can read down to 5Hz or lower even

Step 2 Stick that on top of your head with a boom stand and turn the gain way up

Step 3 Record and play it back on speakers loud enough to hear but not loud enough to cause feedback. The speakers need to be capable of producing very low frequencies...this would take some serious technology I imagine.

Step 4 Add a pitch shifter plug in to the track and drop the pitch 3 Hz

Step 5 See what happens, play around with the pitch shifter, observe effects on consciousness

This would be a direct real time binaural beat fluctuation. If you don't understand what I mean I don't know what to say, it was just an idea I had. The only problem I foresee with this is the feedback from the microphone, but there may be a way to cut off frequencies above 20 Hz and add a limiter to prevent this. If you did that, theoretically you wouldn't be able to hear anything, you would just feel it, but it would still have a binaural effect.
I may not understand it fully but I have a friend who will. I'll have him check it out. Thanks for that. If we try it out I'll make sure to post our findings.
Lol that's a crazy idea house I wld like to be the ginea pig for that. I've done binaural beats a few times and did get good meditative results it was nice, maybe I shld spend more time with that again.
Binaural beats (while very effective and useful) are not the end-all be-all of brainwave entrainment. It is somewhat limiting to put all discussions of binaural beats here when we have a panoply of tangential discussions already going in other threads.

For instance:

1) isochronic tones
2) holophonic entrainment
3) mixed media like hemi-sync, iDoser, brainwave generator, neuro-programmer etc.
4) LIGHT & SOUND entrainment

Personally, as someone who has had a light and sound machine since the early 80's, there is no comparison to the effects of a good light & sound session with any audio only modality. No contest whatsoever. With a good full spectrum RGB light goggles or ganzfeld setup... you can have visuals that approach near-breakthrough level tryptamine flashes. Do a session when you are already tripping and watch out.

I find the best intersection of entheogens (I include psychedelic dissociatives in this category) and brain machines is after the peak when your OEV's have seemed to die down and you feel somewhat normal... at this point, the goggles can still take you to places similar to your peak or even more all enveloping with the added bonus that you can function extremely well and come back to nearly normal simply by taking off the glasses and headphones.

Anyway, this is nothing against binaural beats. Love them. Just love them even more when combined with other brainwave entrainment methods to ratchet up the efficacy. Try throwing in some solfeggio tones for an added booster.

Yea i have a proteus mind machine and its been pretty unbelievable combining it with psychedelics.. Just letting the thing take you into a deeply relaxed state before hitting the pipe is extremely useful in itself.

If i leave the goggles and headphones on while in a deep state, and smoke even just a low dose of changa, the experience is sooooo much deeper.. and much longer as well. It immediately takes me into long and very beautiful ayahuasca style 'dreams', especially if i predose with melatonin or some amount of rue/caapi tea

I have a lot more i want to experiment with but the green l.e.d. in the goggles recently broke. but they said they'd replace it for free :)
Maybe it would be a nice idea if (maybe in some sub section) binaural beats would be played...creating a mindstate simmilar to what te content of the section would require.

As binaural beats help people function better, intellectually as well as emotionally and harmonises brain hemnispheres...the commuity may improve as a whole.
I stumbled across this 3D binaural beat video that's sort of an experience to the listener. It's best listened to laid down on bed with the eyes closed in the dark.

I took a load of harmalas sublingual and smoked a ton of cannabis before listening to this and I came out heart racing. It was a great experience to feel as if I was actually on an interrogation table.

Some may experience this as scary, so be wary if you're easily startled. I think listening to this while tripping on shrooms of acid would be quite interesting as well(assuming you can manage the big potential to have a scary experience).

I got some CDs for Christmas that are designed for pushing the listener into a theta state for meditation. They are very well made CDs with soothing music, and of cource the binaural frequencies.

I, however, find that the music is a distraction, and seem to have trouble reaching the desired theta state. I prefer the recordings that are strictly the binaural beat. Here's an example: http://free-binaural-beats.com/theta-4-5hz/

Does anyone else no where I can find some free mp3s of binaural beats (preferably ones that are 320kb/s?
I've been trying with binaural beats recently (the last 3 nights) w/out success.
I'm thinking i may need headphones rather than ear buds, or maybe the quality of the audio.
The beats have made it harder for me to fall asleep. N of the three nights i realized i was dreaming once and it was far after the beat was over.
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