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The Phylos Galaxy: A Genetic Map of Cannabis

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The Phylos Galaxy

I thought this was a pretty cool resource for anyone who's interested in the science of cannabis genetics.

The Phylos Galaxy uses DNA sequence data to map the relationships between thousands of cannabis varieties. It is a 3D visualization of the cannabis world.

Each point represents a cannabis sample that has had its DNA sequenced and compared to all the others.

Varieties that share a majority of their genetic variation are close in 3D space. Offspring that are hybrids between two parents are often in an intermediate location between the parents.

Lines connecting varieties in the Galaxy indicate likely immediate family as well as clonal relationships. They either connect clones with each other, or they connect parents with children.

Additionally, the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative has a lot of great data surrounding the subject.

Wow, thanks for this! Very handy tool worth exploring and inspecting. I know a close traveling friend who could probably utilize this for genetic knowledge, also. :)
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