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Using DMT for healing anxiety/stress

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Hi guys, I´m grad to find this place as serious community about DMT. :)

I´m totally new to DMT or any drug. I never smoked anything and I´m totally uptight.
I have always curiosity about drugs, but never willing to try it because of the risks.

DMT seems to be safe and I solved to try it.

I have 2 serious goals about it: meditation and heal my anxiety/stress.

I have some questions:

I tried it for about 6 times in the last 10 days in low to medium doses.

I couldn´t breakthrough yet, but I believe that I went to the "waiting room" and back from it.

During the trip it´s usually very weird and a little bit scary.

But 30 mins after the trip, I felt really good, and I think it can help with my issues in long term.

I just read that high pressure blood and DMT is very dangerous, I didn´t know that and now I´m really worried about it.

I´m 33 and my blood pressure is some times is like 140/90 due to my stress/anxiety, but most time it´s 130/70. I exercises my body everyday. I run and do weight training 6x times a week in order to reduce stress.

I feel that my pressure, 30 mins after the trip, is just perfect and reduced. I feel really calm, like if almost I had not stress or anxiety. At this time is much better for practice meditation. During the trip is a little bit tense because I feel fear, but I can handle it.

So my question is: Is taking DMT with 130/70 pressure REALLY a very serious issue? Is it ok to take DMT based on my report? I think the after effects are really great and positive. I really worried about the process during the trip with my high blood pressure, and I want to increase my dose to breakthrough. It would be really a pity if I can´t use an substance extremely useful to heal my anxiety :(

I want to try low doses every day in order to help me on meditation and consequentially reduce my anxiety and stress.

I really appreciate your help guys.

Thanks in advance :thumb_up:
I can't really comment on the blood pressure but I do have a few non-DMT things that might also help you with stress and anxiety. I have dealt with a wide range of health problems and made significant progress with a number of issues including healing a Limbic System brain injury. I would try one or more of the following:

1. Heart Math Inner Balance - A device that hooks between your ear and iPhone and works on improving heart rate variability. You do it for 5-10 minutes 5 days per week for a couple of months and then sporadically. This should also help with blood pressure.

2. Brain Wave Optimization Therapy - This involves having your brain hooked up to a computer for 10 2 hour sessions over a week or 2. Tones of your current brainwaves are then played into your ears and it works by allowing your brain to self correct. Main downside of this option is that it is expensive and you need to find a practitioner.

3. Psych-K - This is a modality that is designed to change subconscious beliefs. It involves seeing a practitioner for 1-5 sessions and it rewires your brain. It is relatively cheap and easy to do.

Have a look on youtube for videos on all three therapies/modalities.
I haven't yet used DMT as I am still researching and planning it out. It might be fine for you or might not. I would suggest doing one or more of hte above mentioned things first so as to maximize your chances of success. Another technique you could try is: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR). Make sure you find a practitioner that does the core focused (IADC) variant. This is a powerful method for processing trapped trauma. You almost certainly have a Limbic System Brain Injury. Good news is that you can probably heal it though it will take time and effort.

As far as blood pressure, try going on a reasonably low carb version of the paleo diet for a month and then remeasure it. Basically remove Grains (except white rice), all dairy (except Ghee if you can handle it) and legumes (peas, beans etc). As far as carbs go, only eat the starchy carbs one day per week (I like Sundays for this). Starchy carbs include things like rice and potatoes. Eat non-starchy carbs on the other 6 days of the week such as lettuce, mushrooms, zucchini etc. Google lists for both types. This form of diet seems to work well for 80-90% of the population in terms of seeing significant health improvements. This might help with the uptightness/anxiety as things like gluten (in most grains) and Caesin (in some dairy) can lead to leaky gut syndrome which has flow on effects which can cause inflammation in the brain.
I tried clonidine in the past which lowers BP quite a lot. It meant that I would have a lower peak BP at the peak of the DMT trip. Even if you aren't worried about it, I would get some from the pharmacy just in case, you never know.

It also made me sleep like a log as it removes excess monoamines from the system. I was testing out how to reverse sleep impairment from excessive monoamine build from MAOIs.
I'm not sure it's good to use if your blood pressure is high enough that a physician has recommended you avoid stress.

If I were in your place, I would try a combination if L-theanine or valerian root and ayahuasca in low doses. Start with 2.5g rue or 25g caapi and ~1.5-2g ACRB/MHRB. You don't necessarily have to brew it; extracts of the harmala sources are available, and you can eat the MHRB/SCRB straight or in a smoothie. I, personally, have found this to be of an excellent effect on the lingering bits of my depression and PTSD.

The dose will be low enough that you shouldn't freak out or go into a really intense trip (which is what makes DMT bad for those with high BP). The valerian and theanine will help keep the stress low as well. Just make sure to avoid counterindicated meds.

This will help you tremendously with anxiety and stress. As far as meditation goes, I'm afraid that that one comes of your own motivation. Maybe try a few guided sessions, such as those available on youtube?
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