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visiting dreams

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I've recently discovered that i can visit my dreams when i take ayahuasca. It is realy odd since i can even go back to dreams that i thought i've forgotten.
I can even see myself in those dreams, doing what i did, etc.

It very much feels as if there is a relationship between the deep psychedelic state and the state of dreaming.

I think this could enable me to better analyze and understand my dreams.
Thus far, i feel this has given me already a much greater understanding of many things that are happening around me.

I wouldn't be surprised if exercise in lucid dreaming could also work the other way round, and enable one to go deeper into the psychedelic state more easily.
I find that caapi allows me to do this..or enter visionary dream sequences that are like true visions..

Do you brew with mimosa polytrip? I have been drinking caapi only brews lately..with great results..only admixture I have had is chaliponga..but I am going to start using very small doses of mimosa..I dont feel like much admix is needed at all really..just like 1-2 grams..the caapi seems to be providing so much already.

Nd how much caapi do you use? 20 grams of cielo was quite nice last night..
Yes, i read your report. Sounds fantastic.

I recently use caapi extract from maya, most of the time.
But i have still some cielo vines lying around. About 100 grams.

I use different admixtures each time, because each has it's own quality.
Chacruna is great but a bit unpredictable; it can do nothing or totally blow you away.

I've been using mimosa more often since it is more reliable.
Since you're obviously realy sensitive to the MAOI effect of caapi i wouldn't dare recomending you a dose for any of the admixture's.

All i can tell is that 50 grams of chacruna gives me a good ayahuasca trip and about 30 grams of mimosa CWE also has a good effect for me, combined with 50 grams of caapi or 1 gram of caapi 50:1 extract.

Chacruna combined with a 10 to 20 grams mimosa CWE gives me very good experiences that are more reliable; the mimosa gives the chacruna a little extra kick in case it's too weak, and it becomes fully activated.

I've been using shrooms combined with mimosa CWE's a lot lately, but realy good shrooms do not realy need DMT. Caapi and shrooms alone gives an experience that is equal to traditional ayahuasca if you have the right shrooms. I have also an experience with shrooms that felt a little toxic when i took them with caapi. they gave me vasoconstriction and bronchoconstriction and nausea and visual distortions as well.

I've also taken caapi along with peyote, but in much smaller amounts. Maybe 10 grams. In these amounts they go along realy well and give a rushing sensation that goes on for hours, a bit like when you've taken XTC that just starts to work, but much better.

With chaliponga it works also well, but you already know this.
Chaliponga combines also very good with chacruna. Chacruna will make the chaliponga feel a little less alien, a little warmer, and your visuals gain more DMT-like colours and sharpness.

That's the combination i can recommend most, maybe.
Thanks polytrip..

I do plan on adding small ammounts of mushrooms to a 20 gram cielo brew in the near future..but I want to do some work with mimosa first..

I do feel real sensitive to the vine..and im doing a ceremony with a currandero from peru very soon so I think im gunna be very gone that night!..gunna drink alot in the next month though to get myself ready.
Yes, start small. See how you respond.

I'm curious to what this months will bring you. It seems you're building up a new sensitivity with the vine.
Maybe the curandero can help you opening new doors.

I see the vine as a sort of guardian, when i enter the hyperspace dimension. I feel surounded by light. It seems it gives each person what he or she needs at that time. Even if it is purging.
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