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What love?

Migrated topic.
DMT or any other drug is not going to de facto bring love or light to anyone. I think much of the prostelytizing about DMT being the magic button (red pill) that will give one a mystical experience that will change their lives for the better is grossly misplaced. DMT is a tool that can help us find love as well as many other things. One can use a car to drive to a better place just as well as they can use it to drive to a worse place. I have personally had DMT/ayahuasca trips that took me to some very horrible places but also to some great places as well as neutral. You can't simply put these drugs into your system and expect to have an enlightening love filled experience. You must prepare for it and have your hands on the steering wheel.

And this concept of some shaman/curandero being able to guide you and keep demons at bay is completely ridiculous and tantamount to the placebo effect. They may be able to suggest things and help you find your intentions, but we all must find what is right for us in the end.

If you want to use DMT to have an epiphany about love/light, my suggestion is to find it first without the use of drugs. Once you find that spark, DMT can be used to build on it. MDMA is also a powerful tool in this regard but must be used with caution. It can be very deceiving in that it will provide a blissful state of love and then drop you into a chasm of depression and despair. I believe that the proper use of MDMA in this regard is to feel what love is at times when it can be elusive and bring this knowledge back to normal consciousness so that we can see where exactly the elusive target is.

The trick in any case is to find and foster the love that we all have within.
I struggle with this often as I have had some serious anger/depression issues. I just hope that what I have found by learning the hard way can help others find it a bit easier.
Running Bear said:
That was great, thanks for posting that right on time. You know there's these times and they happen quite frequently that I forget. I start falling back into that "default mindframe" of being a human and then something like that video comes along and reminds me that there are outhers out there that I've never met saying these same "theories" that I've been shown alone in my bedroom. They shouldn't be saying these same thoughts with such pinpoint accuracy because odds. It's rejuvenating man, makes me ready to go another round.

Most importantly though, despite what my brain may tell me, it reminds me everything is going to be ok. "Life is just a ride", this is just one small chapter in eternity. Everything is being closely monitored and it's all good. The good guys win. What a trip man.

Any other gems like that you can post? lol, my eyes are literally welling up from that 20 minute clip. Medicine :)
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