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What the FAQ? Please Do Some Research...

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swim did his first extraction using normans tek

first messed up by puting in the pre powdered root bark in before adding lye and water.

and also used 20ml water instead of 15 becouse its pre powdered bark

and when taking naptha out it was not yellow but got rly cloudy when taken out freezer after 3 hours
what could have happened?
Hey man

Naptha gets cloudy when it's pretty saturated with DMT. I usually evap a bit of it off until it goes cloudy before I put it in the freezer, always makes the DMT drop out quicker.


When you are doing something for the first time you should always closely follow instructions no matter what you are doing, especially when it comes to using potentially dangerous chemicals to extract dmt that you are going to be smoking. I used noman's tek also but I made sure I was ready before actually getting down to business, when your health/safety is on the line it's best to know exactly what you're getting into so you don't make little mistakes (adding mhrb before lye)

And how much water did you use? 20ml?? I'm confused. How much bark?

I take as many notes as I can including hand writing out every step that I will be following and have the notes handy when extracting.

As far as cloudy naphtha in the freezer...that is a good thing, just leave it in there until its clear and you have crystals in there.

Good luck, be safe
yeah swim was deff safe knowing that lye can deff fuck you up by not wear glasses or gloves.
swim added 20ml water to every 1 gram of pre powdered bark,
and hes been studyting about doing this for weeks now,
main thing is he tought the naptha was spoused to come out yellow not clear even when also using a hot water bath

but one problem that might have happined is not leaving the naptha in the mixing jar long enouf hes just deff not too sure about this one.
Naphtha is supposed to come out clear, 15 mins of sitting (mixing around every 5 mins) or so is fine for each pull. People have mixed opinions but it seems like the naphtha really doesn't need to stay in there long at all.
thanks alott! basicly all swims questions have been answered.

few more things swim needs to figure out

dose adding podwered rootbark before lye and water matter much?

and can too little too much naptha hurt?
I go with 1ml naphtha per gram of bark as a rule of thumb, you don't want to use too much naphtha or else you'll have to evaporate a lot before it will freeze precip.

I'm not sure about adding the bark first tho you might be ok, but you usually want to add the lye first and let it cool down before adding mhrb.
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Thanks :)
Du57mi73 said:
What the difference in this and the 'For FAQ's Sake...' thread?
This is simply the new incarnation of that thread. As the thread had reached 30 pages, the mod team felt like the posts explaining why the thread existed might have been overlooked by people who had their posts moved there. In an attempt to rectify that and preserver the old posts, a new thread was created.

The old one will be unstickied within the next several weeks and the new one will be used going forward to ensure that moved posts don't predate the OP.


And thanks for the kind words :love:
Ah. Smart thinking.

As you said, the site is conveniently indexed, but I highly doubt one would ever cruise through 30 pages for a question that may or may not be answered in there.
Heptane, hexane, d-limonene, xylene. Some people have even worked with vegetable oils I believe. If you look around the site you will find people working with all different types of solvents.

It is also possible naphtha is more available than you believe, some people use Ronsonol and Zippo lighter fluids. If you choose to go this route make sure you do an evaporation test and ideally find the MSDS for the solvent in question.
Something popped in my mind, I know that short duration of DMT is because of rapid action of MAO. But, I'm curios if MAOI is able to extent duration of vaped DMT, by prolonging DMT breakdown. Would this work? Did anyone try this? If it works, how much longer trips are?

Thanks in advance.

Peace and love.
oversoul1919 said:
Something popped in my mind, I know that short duration of DMT is because of rapid action of MAO. But, I'm curios if MAOI is able to extent duration of vaped DMT, by prolonging DMT breakdown. Would this work? Did anyone try this? If it works, how much longer trips are? Thanks in advance.Peace and love.

Read the main points of the thread.. do your research thoroughly. Found this just by searching 'MAOI DMT', simple as that. :)

Oral MAOI+Freebased DMT=??? - FAQ - All your basic questions and answers - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus
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