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which Nexian should we interview for issue #2 of the E-Zine?

Uncle Knucles

Or, if Entropymancer is only here on limited time, I suppose it would be best to snag that hyperdimensional fractal.
Possibly, the Interviewing theme for #2 could be "Research and Researchers"?

We're interviewing Dr. Strassman and I think Entropymancer would be a wonderful pairing.

nen888 said:
..i'd love to see an interview with Entropymancer :) ..a lot of knowledge there...

Keeper Trout would be highly instructional too..

if i was interviewed, i'd love it if Gibran2 asked the questions :)
Yes, yes and yes!

Pillars of the community. Each one of you.
I'd like to point out that issue 1 actually had two member interviews in two different formats. The Traveler interview was with member submitted questions and the Antrocles interview was a conversation between two members. Both were great formats. So for example, we could have a member-submitted interview with Entropymancer as one feature, with a more conversational one with Nen and Gibran2....

BTW, I like the theme of "research and researchers", nice to have a defined overall direction.

I don't see kikker's name on there!:p

Team Kikker FTW

But if not, then i suppose I vote SnozzleBerry :thumb_up:
I vote Uncle Knucles as that would be a great follow up to Antrocles' in the first issue. House would be fun too.
^ yeah Art and House!

just letting you know a conversation between me and gibran has been recorded..:)
was a lot of fun..

now, if anyone feels like and has time to pick out the highlights & transcribe (to get 3rd person editorial) , please PM me..
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