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which Nexian should we interview for issue #2 of the E-Zine?

The whole lot of you <3

I'd love to see one for everyone on that list, but if I had to choose I would be really interested to hear from Entropy, Nen, or Gibran
Nen and Benzyme... If there were to be a theme "Research and Researchers" it would be fantastic to hear about some of the "underground" research that has been/is being conducted. I enjoyed Snozz's article regarding the difficulties "grey-area" research and think it would be informative to hear how researchers manage issues of funding/publishing/exposing results and academic integrity (if affiliated with an academic institution) .. etc
So yeah, for the record we have a co-interview between Nen and Gibran for issue# 2. It's already in the can and just needs to be transcribed and edited. So any further suggestions will be considered for issue# 3 and beyond.

Anyone here have the time and skills to do a transcribe/ edit?
Obviously not too closely :shock:

"..So any further suggestions will be considered for issue# 3 and beyond..."

My suggestion: Joe Rogan... then cyb

that guys the Kerouac of the Nexus and funny to boot

or idk someone sayin a bunch of psychochemopharmacospiritualsociomumbojumbo.
What a hard choice, but I assume many people on this list will still get their chance if the Nexian keeps going (hint, hint!) :)

Most interested in seeing:
Oly Mon
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