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Why you be called whatchoo be called (what's in a NAME?)

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“Obese sum other name. Wasson a NAME? that witch, weak all arose, by any other NAME, woods mellows sweet”

Rue-me-O & chew-lee-ate, Will-I-Am SHOOKSPORE

I thought a thread about the origin/genesis/etymology of our names might be interesting/fun/elucidating. What is the significance of your name? From whence? From what? From age? Cheese or tease or frieze or weeze?

The name in place of a name chosen by others, chosen by you. What did YOU choose to call yourself? I will throw the glove down, starting with my own name, which has a complex etymology (wajja expectorate?8) ):

J B A rk & JBAR k : Caps are different parts or initials of my three real world names.

J bark, clearly: jurema bark

FROM MYCOPAX: A bark is a dog’s way of imposing some sense over the universe; I am J. J is I’s closest neighbour; I AM JBArk, and what I bark is words to my bite.

JB "are" K; If I explain this one, I will have to reveal my true identity. Also a personal secret:wink: .

And what about your avatar? Having no choice as to what we relay to the world through flesh and bone, we chose another image – why this one and not that? What’s bred in the bone will out the avatar, so lemme/us know what your image means, and why it is important to you.

Again, I’ll throw down, being the initiator of these revelations:

For those that don’t know, my avatar is a screen shot of a travel through the Mandelbrot set. Here is the video (sorry about the low quality and especially the music (mute if desired!))

Kinda typical trippydippy, but my personal reason for selecting it has to do with my passions, personality and general psychological makeup:

My father is a nuclear phycisist, my mother worked in the medical profession, so my upbringing was rational, Cartesian, mathematical, lox on the box. I gravitate however, toward the aesthetic, ephemeral and beautiful side of things, and like to believe I appreciate both aspects of existence: the material and the ideal, the mechanical & the aesthetic, beauty in both form & function. This is why I gravitated toward:

Cycling (I raced semiprofessionally for 10 years): the bike brought me to cycling: a beautiful, mechanical expression of perfect form & function, still to this day the most efficient (and I believe) most beautiful form of transportation.

Photography: the mechanics and technical aspects of a technology (silver halide particles & chemistry, now bits & bytes and pixels & such, optics, the engineering of the camera itself, the physics of light and its measurement...) brought to bear upon the act of creation: a photograph, an art, a technology, a record, a document, an expression by selection of a moment in time.

Cinematography and filmmaking: ditto. A story unfolding for all, for always, with technology. Is there anything more beautiful?

So, the Mandelbrot set: a form of utter beauty and mystery and awe, from a mathematical formula, a series of symbols that folds and folds and folds and captures the essence of the divine and of the mystery of existence itself.

That’s who I am: the slow even calculation of the ineffable.

Also, the particular freeze of the set I chose is:

"Double-spirals with satellites of second order - analog to the "seahorses" the double-spirals may be interpreted as a metamorphosis of the "antenna". (wikipedia) My love for seahorses is only exceeded by the bewilderment I feel when looking at a sea dragon, and the idea of representing myself with a double spiral antenna was too good to pass up.

How 'bout all of you? Anyone top this heap of corn?




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Infundibulum said:

Damn. Teaches me not to research. Let that be a lesson to all you yung-uns out there. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Now that it's too late, that link will serve as part of the index of this thread! Its from almost 2 years ago,so it needed updating anyway:shock: .

I'd be happy to delete this thread and transfer your post over there in the other thread, but I don't think it's bad at all to double ask questions, especially nice one like yours/ Just think how millions of questions re extractions have been asked about the same thing!!!

Besides, you also ask about the avatar pics, which is totally novel. Mine comes from Dead Can Dance.
Deal then!! i'll leave it open an hope people fill in info about their avatars!

I am surprised: dead can dance. I should have seen that. I thought your avatar was an alphebetical rendering of a stoned cat's eyes!

And BTW i read the other thread and I love your name even more now! so much more clever than "fallopian tube", and also means funnel, an alchemical instrument. Very nice.

Blue Velvet is a film.

My avatar is a natural rock bridge in the Daniel Boone national forest in Kentucky. I didn't shoot the picture, however. I found it online. I witnessed it on LSD with fellow member dream_denizen a few years ago. Beautiful place.
My name is pretty straight forward. I'm a denizen of dreams. I live "out there" the same as I live in real time. My avatar is an Alex Grey painting called Wonder. Often I find myself staring off in the night sky. I'm a dreamer/thinker/wonderer, much like Zena in this painting.

Blue_Velvet's avatar holds a special place in my heart. I would not be the person I am today had it not been for that forest.
I am George Costanza's cooler, more accomplished alter ego - professional associate of Kal Varnsen, H.E. Pennypacker (wealthy industrialist) and Dr. Van Nostrund (from the Institute) - and depending on just who I'm lying to on any given day - architect, city planner, marine biologist, importer/exporter, and (of course) President of Van D'lay Industries.

My avatar of Mickey In Utero just seemed the appropriate pick - as I both loves me some good cartoons and revert to this state within hyperspace.

In truth, I didn't give an enormous amount of thought to either one - but both nom de plume and photo I.D. have grown on me over time.
So the nick:

I’ve been using d*L*b and similar for a few years on boards and servers where identity protection is important. My use of it stems from doing admin on Hotline/Carracho warez servers back in the late 90/early 2000s, the owner of one I spent a long time at was called (–_–) amongst other things. I like using a non-language based nick as it removes connotations that come with using words and unbinds me from my location.

The avatar:

The mercury maze! It’s long been one of my favourite toys and is something that simply could not be sold today. As well as being a nice slice of a time gone by the maze looks rather psychedelic so is rather apt for the Nexus!
The name:
An expression gone wrong...
A song that resonates loudly to the creator but no one else quite got it.

The avatar:
I change it pretty regularly but it's always something I created.
The avatar I'm using now is something I created when I was tripping on lsd for the first time in 10 years.
My name is self explanatory I believe. The aether is where I end up on a breakthrough, a never ending field of source energy that all existence sprang from and will return too...and my current avatar , the jester, was captured in New Orleans in a park by the aquarium....
Ice House came from Ice House Beer.

I was known at one time on the Nexus as the Ice House Shaman.

That name was given to me by a close friend several years ago, we had been doing Vovins Tek spice extractions over the course of a couple of weeks picking shrooms and drinking Ice House beer. I was kind of a pshychedelic mentor for a couple of close friends at the time. I was given the nickname the Ice House Shaman.

Recently I decided to change my Nexian name to Ice House. I've lost my ego enough times now to know I am no Shaman. It always bothered me that I had Shaman in my name.

I dont drink Ice House any more.

I have been clean and sober from alcohol now for almost two years.
My nick comes from the old C64 days, when I was a member of the Hungarian demogroup Faces. Somebody once tried to find subtler meaning in it (cell-lux, the inner light of the cells or something) but I think that's gross. It's a quite earth-bound name. Besides, it's the market name for adhesive tape in Hungary. Something that sticks stuff together.

As for my avatar: for a long time I didn't have one, because I wasn't reasonably sure whether I know myself deeply enough to choose the perfect one. What you see on the left now is the "Weighted Companion Cube" from the computer game Portal, which reflects my current state of being quite well (but I can't really explain why).
I'm almost embarrassed to post the meaning of my name. A lot of thought has gone into all of your names, and mine was basically just stolen :lol:

"Dioxippus (Διόξιππος) was an ancient Greek pankratiast, renowned for his Olympic victories in the sport of pankration. His fame and skill were such that he was crowned Olympic champion by default in 336 B.C. when no other pankratiast dared meet him on the field. This kind of victory was called "akoniti" (literally: without getting dusted) and remains the only one ever recorded in the Olympics in this discipline. The most famous story of Dioxippus is his victory over Coragus of the Macedonian Army."

The story of Dioxippus and Coragus:

"Dioxippus of Athens, a former Pankratiast at this time, attended a banquet hosted by Alexander the Great who liked and respected the athlete. According to Curtius Rufus, Alexander's men mocked the guest, probably out of jealousy, and accused him of being a bit of a glutton. During the banquet, a distinguished Macedonian soldier named Coragus became drunk and belligerent, insulted Dioxippus, and challenged him to a match. Dioxippus enthusiastically and contemptuously agreed to the match. Alexander attempted to dissuade the two from fighting, but could not, due to the enthusiasm of the rest of the camp. The Greeks supported Dioxippus and the Macedonians supported Coragus.

Alexander scheduled a day for the bout. The fight is well illustrated by Curtius Rufus. Dioxippus reportedly came out well oiled and nude, carrying a purple cloak in his left hand and a heavy club in his right. Coragus, however, wore full armor, carried a bronze shield and long pike called a sarisa in his left hand, a lance in his right hand, and wearing a side sword. During the match, the Macedonian threw his lance, which Dioxippus dodged. Then, before Coragus could transfer his pike to his right hand, Dioxippus attacked, shattering the weapon with his club. The Macedonian attempted to draw his sword, but Dioxippus wrestled him, getting double underhooks or as Rufus described as a "bear hug", or a bodylock, swept him to the ground, disarmed him and immobilized him. He then stepped on Coragus' throat and could have killed him, but Alexander stopped the fight at this point.

But this victory became Dioxippus' downfall. Alexander and the Macedonians were disappointed and embarrassed by the outcome of the match, particularly since their defeat occurred in front of recently conquered Persian prisoners. Alexander's disfavor was noted by the Macedonians who conspired to embarrass Dioxippus, by putting a golden cup underneath his pillow and accusing him of theft. Dioxippus felt this dishonor deeply. Realizing the Macedonians had framed him, he wrote a letter to Alexander describing the conspiracy, then committed suicide by falling on his sword. Alexander's regret at the death of Dioxippus, which he felt was unwarranted, was made even more bitter by the joyous reactions of the Macedonian camp which revealed their complicity."

A strong, and tragic character. I chose the name because, obviously, I love greek mythology and history. Also because in my youth, I had something of a reputation as a fighter. I didn't go looking for fights, they came looking for me. And it got to the point where no one would fight me mano-a-mano. There were plenty of sore losers who had fought me before and lost, and wanted revenge. A group of them would try to jump me, and I would get off a few punches and escape. Anyone who ever met me one on one lost.

It was one day after a fight with someone that I stood and yelled out for someone else to fight me. There was a large group that had gathered to watch the fight, and no one would step forward. That was the beginning of my "akoniti", the victory "without getting dusted", as people stopped picking fights with me. They would say things behind my back and sometimes to my face, but they realized I was too good of a fighter and stopped forcing me to fight with them. I actually made a lot more friends after that, because people started to talk to me more and get to know me, rather than assume that I was some thug and be afraid I was going to beat them up for no reason :lol:

I realize how egotistical this all must sound :D It's a name I've used for many years, but I stand by it. It's more about me putting an end to the fighting than the glory of victory, really. I don't particularly enjoy fighting. I see it as pure competition and something that is inherent in all of us. I don't enjoy watching, or making, people suffer. But I feel sometimes it's necessary to defend yourself.

My avatar is just a random fractal I found, not much story there. It reminded me of something I saw while on a shroom trip years ago. Brilliant reds and oranges flowing together.
when i was 10 i played alot of megaman games, shadowman was my favorite robot master so i edited up some sprites of shadowman in the megaman-x 16 bit style, because megaman x was one of my favorite games.

my avatar is a painting i made for a friend.
So on a strange and rather random whim, I googled "JBArk" just to see what it would yield. I assure you i am none of these people!! Who would have guessed there were SO MANY OF ME. Try googling your name - you might be VERY surprised!8)

JBArk the multitude and the solitude
ekstasis (plural: ekstases)
(mysticism and philosophy) The state of being beside one's self or rapt out of one's self.

I originally pulled them name from the song "Ceremony Ek Stasis" by Minsk; afterwards I looked up the definition and it just seemed appropriate given the context of the Nexus.

"In a movement beyond truth and falsity I can sense them in the mountains
On either side of every side
Basking in the seething sun this flesh conjures the infinite mind
While well worn pillars of objectivity collapse as if blown asunder"
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