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Why you be called whatchoo be called (what's in a NAME?)

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Espurrr said:
jbark said:
Espurrr said:
Espurrr is a mix of my given name, spores, and cats that "purr"
i like my name since its pretty rare and comes from my persian heritage
i like mushrooms since they have opened my chamber of secrets
i like cats since i have always wanted to have one

It also rolls off the tongue, and makes me eyes crease into feline almonds just pronouncing it.
oh why thank you
in one of my dreams about the nexus, i remember seeing your avatar and nick on the nexus walls (it was like a labyrinth and i was exploring it)
although im pretty sure we had never chatted or responded to each others posts at that point 8)

Haha! Nice!


especially when absent.

Wolfnippletip said:
Mis-remembered line from Life of Brian. The line is at ~ 18:42. When the site asked for a username I blanked my mind and went with the first thing that popped into my head.


Haha!! I think he says 'chips', not tips. But I am sure you've already deciphered that. :)

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