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11:11:11:11:11:11 S.H.E.

What timezones is everyone in? Because I live in the Netherlands, timezone GMT + 1 and I doubt there are other Dutch people that will be tripping with me on that day. I'll be joining another timezone in the hopes I'll have my first breakthrough while participating in this marvelous event.
You'd be surprised... I've known of quite a few travelers in the Netherlands and northern Europe, and the vast majority strike me as admirably great and humble folk!

No need to worry about timing or location... trivialities such as these do not exist in hyperspace. Did you think we were joking when speaking of "becoming one with the universe"? ;)

Never mind the details... go with grace and trust your heart, it won't lead you astray. Do what you feel is right for you, nobody else knows better!

See you on the other side!
i will be trying to participate for sure, sometimes i feel like Terence M when the elves tell him hooray you are here you send so many but come so rarely.
I don't know about everyone else but I am getting excited and anxious about this SHE!!!!!!!!!Me and my girlfriend will be participating. I hope to be able to launch am and pm and will be informally attending a Blue Angel's night time air show complete with a huge fireworks show!

I will be participating in this one for sure! 3 friends and i are going to drink some ayahuasca, or syrian rue/mimosa (havent decided yet) and listen to the brand new ozric tentacles cd that just came out (called Paper Monkeys)(most highly recomended band and album).
For one of my friends, it will be his first time with DMT, although he has used mushrooms many times and is a seeker type personality.

Cant wait for this friday!!!
That numerology trick referenced earlier - take the sum of the year you were born plus your age on 11/11 and you should get 111, works for every single person I know (even my 100 year old great-Aunt) over the age of 12 except my husband. . . born in 49 and will be 61 on 11/11. Totals 110. Freaky how it works for everyone else . . . . as long as they were born in the 20th Century.

Looking forward to this Friday. Hoping to eat some LSD and maybe (maybe not) smoke some spice.

Peace & Love
I will be doing a pharma experience with one of my good buddies. I think I have a good dosage in mind to take me where I really want to go this time around. On my last pharma experience i took 230mgs of caapi harmalas and 55mgs dmt. Though I felt really incredible, I did not have any closed eye visuals. This time I will up the dmt to 80 or 90mgs. Looking forward to this day :)
"one and one are one, eleven, so glow, child, glow....."

I'm heading back home................................

Wow, inspiring as always is the reverend Maynard.

Seems we are all greatly anticipating the 11's. See you there on my lotus flower, watch for me. I'll be in the white light of pure liberation. Sure it will be blinding, but if you look close you may see me, wa ha ha.

End transmission

Outsa, woutsa Y'all 8)
soulthatcreates said:
I will be there. Going to try pharma for first time! Can't wait!

Same, gonna do pharma that day for the first time. Hope to see you on the other side :d

<3 Nexus
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