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11:11:11:11:11:11 S.H.E.

20 minutes till dose time . . . 6 grams rue encapsulated, then a 2 gram rue tea, followed thirty minutes later by 278mgs DMT dissolved in lemonade. Changa bong will be at hand in the unlikely event that I'll need to top off.
what a special day...

full moon, meteor really close and 111111

and great spice experience sprinkled on top of that

Hope everyone had a really special time yesterday,

I drank about 15grams of black caapi with some 4x caapi in it aswell, then i smoked a joint with 2kinds of changa and caapi infused damiana which made me breakthrough hard after 2tokes.

This was preety humbling and took me down to earth so to speak, after that i took it more easy and had 3 sub breakthrough doses through my pipe which had me smiling the whole night.

Overall i can´t say that the she made it anyway different than usual but it was this a special night.
I took too much. While I've taken more DMT (286 being the most), I hadn't taken so much rue before -- 6 grams encapsulated being my standard dose -- and have never had both tea and capsules at the same time. Feeling it coming on I could tell it was too much, didn't feel comfortable with it, marched to the bathroom to purge, leaned over the pot, had nothing to purge, went back to my room. A few minutes later I said, "Yeah, screw this," and went back and purged. Though I didn't feel the physical need to purge, I could've held it down no problem, I aborted. It's nice to be able to purge on command.

And though I took too much, I'm going to try the tea and capsules again for sure. This time 3gms tea and 3gm pills, and lower the DMT content to 222mlgs, which I think is my sweet spot.
I missed the 11:11 mark but I did manage to blast off before the end of 11/11/11. I usually take two hits from my GVG, but for some reason I got a bit ambitious and tried to see if I could get a third hit out. Before I even went for it, I thought to myself, by going for that third hit, there's a big chance you'll burn something and we'll end up in fast-forward mode...so don't you know that's exactly what happened. The entire experience was going at that 3x faster than normal experiences. Unfolding before my eyes at hyper-speed were like two sides (light side/dark side) clashing and colliding. I sat patiently waiting for the intensity to die down and see where the experience led, but I just got stuck in a loop. Could have been more eventful, but I'm glad I finally partook in a SHE!
11/11/11 was my first S.H.E

The experience was an unforgettable night!!! Started with small starter dose of mescaline i tried 4 1st time (came on quickly and lasted a lil while) and was combining this with mxe.

At 11:11pm blasted of with around 65mg (eyeballed) of regular dmt using my chillum and had a truly memorable trip! This was 1 of the 1st breakthrough's in which I witnessed alien entity's (similar to aliens at the end of spielberg's A.I movie) using advanced tools in these cubes hovering in space.

The trip left me almost in tears it was more a spiritual journey for me than a typical breakthrough

Couldn't join you all - but had a magical time with a dear friend @ the happiest place on earth. We consumed a handful of cyans and watched World of Color under a gorgeous Full Moon.




Brother it looks like you had a wonderful evening. Right on! It must have been an amazing experience. Great idea.

We tore it up here yesterday, all nite. The police visited my place, just after midnite. We had to turn the volume down. The sherrif was cool about it. Got to bed this morning at 8am.

Im in a foggy tryptamine afterglow.....

No more parties like that til spring.
the muppet ship hyper~spacial chakra pops

lemon dragonfly lollipop, crystalline membrane dewdrops

laser oscillator information fountain trickle top

thank you all for she is beautiful:d

wow, pharmahuasca breakthru like never before. think i may have finally found a stable link to the other side.-dosage wise.

i was a little surprised at how rapidly the onset, and how far one can go in 10-15 min-- un distinguishable from vaped travel, but longer duration.

11-11-11 was AMAZING.

Was too busy with friends, party and kozmik shenanigans to pop in and say hi here... but you were all with us in spirit.

Here is a NASA photo of the sun at 11:11 UT on 11/11/11

Love you all.


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