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Acacia in the Bible

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ready to accept that possiblility jees? its common knowledge that the two share the same region, this much is known to be true via available scientific botanical knowledge!?!?!?!
Jees said:
Acacia and syrian rue in one region, a matter of time to find the marriage. I'm totally not surprised if they did. I'm ready to accept 😉
I am entirely ready to accept indications or even evidence of ancient knowledge of this combination. And yes, it would seem so likely.

However, it is going one big leap further to link such a potion to the origins of religions and cults. Moreover, it makes these no less of a violently superstitious bane of humanity. Indeed, as hug46 wrote:

hug46 said:
I don't think that the kind of guy who is prepared to carve his son up because he heard a voice telling him to should be taking DMT.
I fear that linking organized religions to these substances will not whitewash the religions, rather it will blackwash the substances.
of course its the origin of religion and cults! did you not read acaicialand.com at all?

why do you need external proof? many on the forum have combined acacia and rue. the implications are 100 percent apparent and obvious....
pl;us to point out the obvious what does it matter if organized religion or cults formed around it? are you not seeking truth and fact? common sense it grew in the same exact area.
which is heavily involved in the origins of modern and ancient religion. It is straight up foolish to think ancient acaiciahuasca did not exist.
BecometheOther said:
the implications are 100 percent apparent and obvious....
Well if they are so apparent and obvious, why don't you spell them out more precisely instead of this handwaving. Perhaps they are only an interpretation?
let us not hold back on the possibility the ancients combined the plants.... they undoubtetly had access to the mystery in some form or another. It is more important to move forward. Though it doesnt really matter at all because we are at home in the infinite no matter what and our futile inquiries are but a speck of dust compared to what is
BecometheOther said:
would it not be prudent to extrapolate the possobility that these plants were combined? WHAT THEN
The first part is likely, I agree. The second part is entirely unclear, despite your (largely unspoken) suggestions.

BTW, I asked you a question here. Would you care to back up the accusations or else retract them? PS, I also added a little request there, please?
if i did search and found you to be the origin of the link what then? did you create this information, does in mean acacia wasnt highly prevelant in the revelations of the bible? w
i think its safe to assume we know less here than the ancient masters of plants and conciousness. what we are engaged in is rememberin g not learning
and whos to say we do not become masters of our age?

we have the potential, just must listen to that which we have already been told time and time again
you want me to spell out the implications of combining the two? it has the potential for the transmission of knowledge. you know this... why ask me? Our interperitation is gauranteed to be flawed as we do not yet understand. we are getting there. no one does. not one scientist or mystic on earth knows. we probably will never know anything in our lifetimes. we work twords transcendence that is our purpose IMO
BecometheOther said:
i think its safe to assume we know less here than the ancient masters of plants and conciousness.
Well there.. Those are only assumptions. There is no apparent validity other than that it is your personal speculation. It is decidedly not safe to assume that these are facts, or even semantically coherent perhaps.
like because us or the ancients understand what is what is instantly explodes and everyone understands? no. i could tell you the truth right now (i cant) and you would not understand it
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