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Acacia photo gallery

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suspect this one to be of some relation to acacia mucronata subs. longifolia though not really sure... found growing near the oxycedrus


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- Acacia Myrtifolia?





- Unknown



wage .. the first photo of post 163 looks to be acacia myrtifolia.. very similar to the form I found. I've noticed this species varies a little with the abundance and colour spectrum of flowers. and the second is maybe of relation to acacia mucronata subs. longifolia.. i see this around quite a lot in bushland outside the city .. that one looks a little differen't in that it has one central vein though
thanks for the pics wage.. some great shots in there! :)
just thought I'd point out that the ones you put up labelled as oxycedrus are actually acacia verticillata.. as well as the other ones you put up a while ago. you'll notice verticillata has more needle-like phyllodes compared to the broader spikes on oxycedrus which have 2-3 veins.. I put a pic of oxycedrus up at the top of the page for comparison.. you won't really find acacia oxycedrus growing around melbourne - a bit of travel will be necessary for that one

oh and the unknown tree below pycnantha is Acacia Stricta followed by Acacia Cultriformis at the bottom
Vitalstatistix said:
Hey Wage,

I'm pretty certain that your A. oxycedrus is actually A. verticillata. I did an extraction with A. verticillata on the weekend and unfortunately it yielded nothing but a very thin layer of oil :(

Yeah learnt of a similar result tonight, apparently a brown oil that smelt of fresh vegetables that bubbled then solidified under constant heat.
..thanks for the great images all!:)
and wage, that's a very 'active' looking A. longifolia you've found there..

Vitalstatistix said:
Hey Wage,

I'm pretty certain that your A. oxycedrus is actually A. verticillata. I did an extraction with A. verticillata on the weekend and unfortunately it yielded nothing but a very thin layer of oil :(

..well spotted Vitalstatistix..!
yes, A. oxycedrus has rod flowers, quite dense and usually pale..
The first unknown in post 165 looks like implexa , many around Vic Im surprised there hasnt been more research on them. They also emit a mysterious vibe.
Great photos.
Hmm I had always thought this was a.pravissima..

Wage this is one of the most psycedelic photographs ever!

You can see so many things in it I saw an entity with spiked wings riding a toy dog that looks like it has the 'Predators' alien cloak as does the rest of her body apart from her head and long legs . The different forms and shapes they take on is incredible hopefully someone will do a time lapse, one over its first year would be intriguing.

Some superb photos in here great skills and great plants!
@ DreaMTripper as with many acacias they're easily confused, looking it up just now i see pravissima has a secondary longitudinal vein, so that may be one way to tell.
Beautiful pictures guys, some really nice work

Out walking a couple of days ago i came across this beautiful si(ght)te, first obtusifolia flowers for the season ;)


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love that pic of cyclops, cave paintings - cyclops reminds me a lot of confusa.. does anyone know if they are in any way related? very similar phyllodes though less erect on confusa
Acacia craspedocarpa phyllode:


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Acacia Auriculiformis from Malaysia


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Acacia caerulescens from the National Arboretum Canberra


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