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Anybody notice an increase in Synchronicity?


Anybody notice an increase in Synchronicity?

I certainly have, it's been happening all the time...

For example on the way to my friend's house the other day I was thinking we should go eat mexican food, the first thing he says when I walk in his house is "We should go eat Mexican". He even stated that we should go to the same exact resturant I was considering! I've never gone to lunch with this friend ever before...

That's just ONE example! It's been happening all the time!!!
I find many coincidences many time in my life, like the mouse under my hand or the chair touching the table. I find many people thinking about lunch at once at around 12-2pm! Even more extraordinarily, I now observe two pieces of dust occupying the VERY SAME TILE on my floor! Can you believe it?!?!?!?!

"Synchronicities" and coincidences happen everywhere, everytime. Why would we just think some of them as special? Because they appeal somehow to our subjective conscious?
These are more than just coincidences, it's like I think something then that exact thing happens a few minutes (sometimes seconds later).
I'm not saying it's always a synchronicity and I'm not saying it's easy to tell coincidences from synchronicities, but I believe synchronicities do occur and they will increase in intensity and number as we near 2012.

How can we define the difference between coincidences and synchronicities? That's a question we need to answer.

I think this could be of great vaule in hyperspace.
Had another...

On the way to my girlfriends at tonight I thought- "What if I hit a deer?"

On the way back... sure enough, I hit a deer.

This one might just be a coincidence tho.
[quote='Coatl]Had another...

On the way to my girlfriends at tonight I thought- "What if I hit a deer?"

On the way back... sure enough, I hit a deer.

This one might just be a coincidence tho.[/quote]

Now the real question is: Why didn't the dear had any wave of synchronicity? Or if it did, was is suicidal?

I hope you and the deer are ok btw.
It was on the left side of the car, I beeped my horn and it ran DIRECTLY into my car.

Everybody was ok (but probably not the deer).
Still it seems that by mentioning "synchronicity" and admiring this effect somehow simply makes me thing that you are just interpreting certain observations in a way that confirms your preconceptions. I see no difference in synchronicity or coincidence.

There is that thing called Littlewood's law, wikipedia has an article on that. What it basically states is that phenomena that may look or sound unreal or weird (here in this post referred to as "synchronicity") are just normal phenomena which normally happen just as everything else is happening and perceived in our normal lives. These phenomena are not less likely that any other things that are happening.

It is always the observer that interprets the phenomena the way he/she likes.
I just think it's weird that I thinking something, then that exact thing happens a little later.... Sometimes just after I thought about it...

How often can that occur and just be a coincidence?

I see what your saying... but I still think theres something to this...

I however believe in God, which you may or may not...
Oh, well, if one is ready to believe in supernatural entities that somehow rule or bring order to this world, then he/she's ready to believe in everything.

But beliefs are beliefs: unsubstantiated/unproven acceptances of some things as true that people tend to have. But in this respect, beliefs are unarguably unarguable.
How about the pompous fools who think science can prove everything and that we live in complete choas?

We don't know shit about the universe.

And one day... science and religion will be the same thing.

Your veiw of religion is so skewed by fanatics... Perhaps it would be bested called spirituality.
And one day... science and religion will be the same thing.
well, science and religion ARE the same thing, can't you see it, did you forget this?
open your eyes!
there is no need to fight a discussion if science or religion is the right way!
open your eyes!

and coincidence and syncronicity ARE the same, can't you see it?

I can say:
I never had a experience, that happened coincidently in my life! i wished, that the world and my life would work that way, but it was an illusion...
my life is a long succession of syncronicity-experiences...(first i didn't want to realize this but i had to accept the truth in the end!!!)

and i can say:
my life is a long succession of coincident events...(first i didn't want to realize this, but i had to accept the truth in the end!!!)
I never had a experience called "syncronicity"! i wished, that the world and my life would work that way, but it was an illusion...

where is the difference?
in the end?
why is it necessary to persist at a certain opinion?
what is the use of persisting on your "own" opinion?
i can't see any use!
can you?

you always see coincidences where you are looking for them. if you wouldn't be looking for them they'd slip by you the same way as everything else escapes your notice without focus on it. i also see a lot of coincidences. but i dont think of them as something weird. i just admire how the clockwork of nature does its thing. everything just seems to fit perfectly into one another. the whole system is just one symbiotic relationship. of course you will notice many coincidences.. but this in my opinion has nothing to do with the compression of time at the end of history. compression doesn't always mean that something is getting smaller. something can be compressed and still grow at the same time. it just grows on another scale..

but everyone should view it from his/her own perspective. and yes.. in my opinion there is also "something" happening.. but there has always been something happening so i dont think of it as something special.
I hadn't even read into S.H.E. before impulsively buying my mimosa. I did it on a whim, and then a few days later I was reading into S.H.E. a bit more and was amazed at the awesome coincidence (I didn't realize there was going to be an event any time soon either!).

as long as some kind of synchronized dosing plan can be created, it shall be interesting :)
I asked a girl the other day what three places she would go to, if she could go anywhere in the world...

When I asked I know what she would say...

The same as mine. I don't how I knew this. I had met the girl the previous day and we had talked nothing of travel or anything of that sort before that moment.

She listed off...


Pacific Islands


I don't even know what that is...

Anybody esle noticed the increase in synchronicity?
You understand Taoism, right?

-jk, the Celestial Prophecy is a book that tells the story of a scientist type guy who discovers this path that ancient natives discovered that led one to enlightenment, and the first step or path was about looking for coincidences and realizing that they are not just coincidences..that they are a path leading you to grow greater..

Actually a really good read. I don't believe it though.
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