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Anybody notice an increase in Synchronicity?

im not sure if its just my perspective, but i feel as if life is becoming more lucid, more fluid, there is 'less resistance' especially in the last 7 months till now.

like im surfing this present moment, ever changing, yet all a cosmic dance of energy, of ourselves.

we're all here interacting yet we all are existing from different places, different vantage points of perspective existence.

like i finally clued in on the realization this is all me and its all you too, this is US going through this life and giving experience to US.

If we clear our minds of constant thought and notice just the HERE and whats HERE, all drama, conflict, and ego slips away, it never was! because 'I' am HERE and it's not. If its all you there in the present, you can be the change that you want in this world, and if you have faith, which you will from paying attention to LIFE, which is us in the present being, we realize we're in complete control of everything.

it always was.

suffer if you suffer, love if you love.

Personally, I believe that syncronicity has always been there. It is our evolution of perception that allows us to see it more. Those who take hallucinogens are looking for something usually. As such they are more observant in their search and thus they notice more details because they are simply paying more attention to what is going on around them. I believe this because when you buy a car and all the sudden you notice how many cars are around of that same make and color. You hadnt noticed that before. Now that I am more vocal about DMT in real life I have ran into allot of people who have also tried or wanted to try it. Those people were always there but until I became outspoken about it I couldnt see them as it was not something people jump up and shout about themselves. Just my take on it.
I originally joined up because of spotting this thread. Promoted today, on the day of my first DMT breakthrough is very fitting.

I have seen quite an increase in synchronicity, but I do hold that it is just my own recent discovery of the phenomenon hence I'm always aware of it's possibility. Synchronicity has been surrounding many of my trips, I'm noticing a lot of strange connections with the people I meet on certain days and my various intentions towards them.

I've noticed less on an internal battle in my head. Usually there is always something I am thinking about frantically, now, though, nature guides me and everything seems to fall in place without conscious effort which I find disturbs balance.

Somehow, I've gotten the idea into my head that something is happening and soon all my hopes and dreams for humanity will manifest themselves.

I recently theorised that if everyone was to move themselves toward the process of individuation and awareness then sychroncities would be manifested in a way we can't imagine. People think that being inwardly concerned is somewhat egotistical, what they don't realise is that the ego defeats itself in this process and we owe each other as well as ourselves, inner-satisfaction, it is for the betterment of mankind.
Life is all about how we perceive, interpret, and learn from every given occurrence.

My view of these happenings for what ever it is worth, is simply one of random coincidence. Brought on - in a specific example - by a community like Nexus, whom's members tend to adopt each others points of views, especially so when we all have come here for the same thing; Friendship, love, open mindedness, and the successful act of a community working together maturely, with peace in mind.

Friends outside of our computers do the same as well. We all learn the most from the ones we care for and respect most.

Like minds think alike, especially when they get to know each other so well.
When i was a kid My best friend went to Vancouver island and told me about a sea cucumber he found on the beach...

since then I have always wanted to see one. Then last summer I went to Vancouver island with my girlfriend for a vacation and before we went I told her about my interest in finally seeing what a sea cucumber was.

the last day of our trip we were on a guided fishing tour and right before we left i said to my girlfriend ' i guess I don't get to see a sea cucumber this time'

right at that moment she got a bite on her fishing rod and pulled up a sea cucumber , hooked it right through the head because they don't have a mouth like a fish and don't take bait. (the odds of hooking one like that are slim to none and noone on the boat has ever seen it happen or heard of it happening )

that was a pretty profound moment in my life.

Another time i was driving to work listening to an ipod when my headphones stopped working, I stopped at a gas station and was saying to myself ' fuck i gotta get new headphones now' and as soon as i put my foot out of the truck i saw a pair of headphones sitting in the snow.. just thought i would share :0)
The coincidences are strong, following me through the music or the conversations or my thoughts and outside world synching up serendipitously it's like I have ESP the level of empathy is so real sometimes it throws me off feeling others ups and downs as if it were myself the karmic pattern is so real and so strong I do one good deed or one bad and can identify the karmic return in a matter of days.... are we connected through some sort of network where we create our own worlds subconsciously and are connected with those that we vibrate with? Slowly being revealed more information over time and experience with our newly gained consciousness? I see faces ontop of peoples faces the souls or avatars of the people in my life this animalistic version of themselves, just from smoking herb or staying up late... Mother nature speaks with me as does the god that shapes my world, through the synchronicities and coincidences that shower my day. I hear thoughts from others heads and am pruning my mind so I don't need to worry about those that hear mine. Been posessed and rolled around by the spine while sober probably over 20 times in the last 3 months a sort of dance guided by energy happiness surges of euphoric tingles reminding me of that orgasmic tryptamine buzz like a massage on my pineal or my crown or my back, energy surges everywhere!!! Weirdest part is I stopped doing most drugs during halloween, I've drank pedro tea twice and eaten L once since halloween, everything else is miniscule like coca tea and kratom (great mix btw the kratom activates the coca) and smoking the herb. Alot of psychedelic things happening in a non psychedelic state as of late pretty happy about it just trying to learn how to take advantage of it for the best use.
the other day my parents went to the airport, got on a plane, and later boarded a big ship in the ocean

on this same day, i was looking at last years dream journal, just skimming through..i found that exactly one year ago i had a dream which involved being in some airport with my parents, then being on a huge boat, and also at a nice beach (where they are now)..and something involving a crazy car plane boat vehicle..

if i had a nickel for every time i had a dream which later reflected so accurately into waking life...(or is it the other way around?)...i would have one fat piggy bank

these types of coincidences that i don't really consider coincidences happen every single day
and not just in dreams..in every realm of experience i've encountered

i remain firmly baffled :d
^^^ Nice one! :d

Another nice example of synchronicity right here on the Nexus: if you read Antrocles' costa rican trilogy, you remark that in chapter 3, he says that 1111 is his new birthday...

A couple posts later, Saidin who was there with him posts for the first time since he came back, and notices that it's his 1111th post... and casually said that they generated some pretty powerful stuff down there...

Now follow on page 2 of Antrocles' "A life transformed" in the hyperspace tavern... better you just go read for yourself!
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