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ayahuasca tonight, maybe?

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Earth Child
I am in some desperate need of some healing, but my supplies tonight are limited.

As an maoi, I have the following:
1ounce of passionflowr
25g of caapi leaf

My mimosa hostilis rootbark is at a different location, but right now but I have maybe 15g of chaliponga leaves.

Do you think I will have enough maois for this brew?

And no, I do not plan to use all of the chaliponga.
Assuming now is the time for you, check out this article on erowid for a comparison of popular MAOI containing plants. They use caapi vine for those ratios, so here is a more in-depth look at caapi.

I'd say that using all of your passion flower and caapi leaves would be more than enough to activate your chaliponga. Reading around, the leaves can provide an easier experience but have more tannins which can be nauseating. If it were me, I'd take 15g caapi leaves and 20g passion flower so that I had some leftovers of each plant. Even if your leaves are really weak, the 5-meo in the chali will be active on it's own (whether or not it's noticeable depends on the dose) and any MAOIs added will increase these effects - even if it's not enough to activate the DMT.

IMO: When I started working heavily with Aya and I found myself scrounging for a quick heal, it never did all that I intended and I had to brew again soon thereafter. Eventually I found waiting a few days to a week or more made the healing effects last longer. Aya rewards those who approach with patience.
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