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Best ways to recover after a bad trip.

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7 Months ago I had a very long,horrible,traumatic trip. I made a very powerful acacia confusa/rue brew. Took 3 doses at once because i wanted to go deep and I did it alone in my room. After the trip I was delirious, Had nightmares and isolated myself from the rest of the world. I'm just now starting to get right and it took a lot of work. It took a combination of nootropics, vitamins, and exercise to bounce back to the way I was.

If any of you have ever been through a similar experience what did you do to get your mind right? What
supplements and activities would you recommend to a person going through this hell? I feel that this could help a lot of people.


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I feel for you, sometimes we get hurt.
Time is the master healer IMO.

OP is a remark for those promoting to go always bone heavy dose because that is where the healing occurs etc. While that holds truth, it's not in all of them cases, the generalization is a mistake. Go slow and build up slow, on the other hand, has the best cards on the table.

There's a book called The Post-LSD Syndrome - could apply to DMT as well.

Maybe it has some value to offer? $13 seems affordable in case you really suffer.

I think some trips aren't there to heal, they are there to teach you a lesson. My lessons were: the high dosages don't necessarily heal, they can damage you as well (hello PTSD!). It's not always love and light, it can be also death and suffering without any reason or bigger insight.

IMO it's a good idea to have Benzos at reach to keep the evil spirits in place. My Lorazepam insert says that you can take up to 7.5mg for panic attacks. This dosage will probably just knock you out. And the system has broken down the DMT long after you wake up.

Remember: just because testosterone is an all-natural, body occurring molecule from loving mother nature that has healing properties, it's not necessarily wise to artificially up the levels in your body without proper supervision or superficial knowledge. Whacked out BB board members will disagree, but then: it's just their opinion, man.

PS: vitamins and nootropics are mostly placebo. You don't stun an elephant on the loose with a water pistol.

PPS: Very good Aya docu, even the old guys with 60 years of practice still get haunted by bad trips. When the evil spirits come to prey, call in the Benzo air force for some carpet bombing. The Huichol drink beer after Peyote sessions, I think it's due to the GABA properties of alcohol. Some drug induced thought loops really have no sense and can only be stopped pharmacologically imo.
Acceptance - the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.

How do you get over a death of someone close to you?
How do you move on after any traumatic event in your life?

It is a process. The process starts with acceptance of everything. Then you can move on. Until you can accept what has happened you will be frozen in time in so many ways. You have to muster the strength. Sometimes you have to be what you are not enable to see what you are.

On a lighter note. Don't forget to laugh.

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